Playstation News!

Playstation News!
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They pretty much guaranteed that I’ll be staying in their ecosystem next gen with this. Also, I’d hate to lose out on VR if Microsoft continues to ignore it.

There’s also this stuff:

  • Plan to expand PS Now to reach 5m+ subs

  • Support 1080p and beyond

  • Bring PS Now off console, to other devices

  • Strengthen content + Marketing plan

  • Streaming to play a key role next gen



Probably coming to X1 as well, but I haven’t seen any news on that part.


Cool. I guess going from 8 to 16 players in a party will probably be more useful next gen when PS5 and PS4 players can group up. Or something.


For sure, I always hit that 8 player cap with all of my close IRL friends constantly wanting to play online multiplayer competitive video games with me. It’s so hard to decide who to cut out of the deep and intellectual conversations we have. 16 players still isn’t enough for my entire elite clan members to participate, but at least I know they are thinking about the influencers such as myself. [wipes sweat from brow]


Does this come with friends to fill the party?




120Hz support is neat but I don’t see it getting utilized anytime soon, since most developers/publishers seem to always favor making the game look prettier rather than targeting a consistent 60+ FPS.