Playstation News!

Playstation News!
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Maybe I’ll finally try to change it to Rewfus to match everywhere else.

  • Step 2: Select the Edit button that’s next to your Online ID.

Is it not available yet? I’m not seeing an Edit button on their website.


Literally the first sentence:

We’re excited to announce that the online ID change feature on PSN is officially launching to all PlayStation 4 owners later today.

And no, I don’t count the subheadline as a sentence.


I jumped right to the FAQ


I may add underscores to my name so it’s more easily read. Maybe. We’ll see. I guess it breaks OnRush for some reason. That’s the only game on the critical failure list.

EDIT: Nevermind! I forgot I had set up 2 PSN accounts online before I got my PS4 and one of them was Darth_Smurf_X. I did this so my name wouldn’t be taken by some Yahoo and I could decide which to go with when I finally got my console. I chose poorly.


Shoot, Rewfus still not available. I settled for Mr_Bimble instead. Oh well.


A fine choice.



I was just copying/pasting this article… how dare you beat me to it.

Also, from the article, the current PSVR will work with the PS5. That’s all I needed to hear.


Last time I said “Don’t expect much”.

Well this one will be better than the last for sure. We’ll see updates to Sony games, a new title (as mentioned in the OP) and also the re-reveal of a third party game that was announced long ago.


Electronic Arts is bringing its EA Access subscription service, which offers early access trials to new games and a library of existing games as part of “the Vault,” to PlayStation 4 this July, the publisher announced on Tuesday.

EA Access for PS4 will cost $4.99 per month or $29.99 annually, the same price as the existing EA Access service on Xbox One.

Currently, EA Access promises subscribers access to more than 50 games as part of the Vault. That selection of games includes older and recent releases like Star Wars Battlefront 2 , Burnout Paradise Remastered , Fe , The Sims 4 , Battlefield 1 , and EA Sports’ most recent Madden, NBA, and NHL games. On Xbox One, EA Access also offers backward-compatible Xbox 360 games.

EA did not provide a list of compatible titles coming to the Vault for PS4, but presumably the list will be smaller than what’s available on Xbox One, given that the PS4 does not support PlayStation 3 games through backward compatibility.

If I could play KotoR 1 and 2, I’d get this, but those weren’t on Playstation ever, right?



Here’s what was shown:

Also MediEvil and a new PS4. The highlight for me was Predator. I hope it’s more than 4 vs 1 though. I hope the Predator is super OP and it’s more like 12 vs 1.


Ghost Recon Wildlands had a Predator cross over event and it was soooooooo good.


Predator is being developed by the same studio that did Friday the 13th, so expect it to be mediocre at best and then abandoned a year later.


It was abandoned because the IP holder told them they couldn’t add any more to the game. Sony is backing this and Disney has a good relationship with them.


Okay, so…

Predator is being developed by the same studio that did Friday the 13th, so expect it to be mediocre at best.




And who knows… it could be good. My only wish is that this was not a 4v1, but closer to 8v1 or higher. I’d love to see the Predator taking fools out left and right like in Friday the 13th. I don’t generally watch people stream games, but watching people play that game was quite enjoyable. I think that if this game has Sony’s support, a bigger budget, no licensing issues and can get a big Twitch following, it could do quite well.


That’ll be dark.