Playstation News!

Playstation News!
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HBO coming to PS4? But I already finished Dexter…



HBO Now? It’s about damn time.


Those sure are purdy!


Mods are restricted to only using assets (models, sounds, etc) that already exist in the game, so it’s pretty much still no mods allowed. No one is going to really bother making mods (other than unofficial patches) for the PS4 versions of the games unless those restrictions get lifted.


There are still Quality of Life mods that fix things in the game that Bethesda refuses to fix.


True, that’s better than nothing.



Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaario…come out and play-E-ayyyy…


What the shit kind of trailer was that?


[quote=“Threctory, post:435, topic:96, full:true”]
… shit…trailer…[/quote]

But I’m still excited about the games.


We’re excited to announce that PlayStation is partnering with ESL to introduce Tournaments, a new PS4 feature that will allow players to participate in Tournaments with games that gamers want to play.

We’re kicking off the first Major tournament with NBA 2K17, to celebrate the beginning of the NBA season. The Major Tournament runs from October 27 to November 26, with Major Cup rounds occurring every Saturday. Top 3 winners of the NBA 2K17 Major Tournament will receive a prize pack that includes items such as a DualShock 4 and PlayStation gear.

If you’re interested in entering, signups open today. You’ll need a copy of NBA 2K17, a PlayStation Plus membership, and link an ESL account to register and compete. The registration process will prompt ESL account creation if you do not already have one.

Once tournaments are live, you can find them under Events on your PS4 system menu to view the details. Once you have signed up for a tournament, your PS4 will automatically prompt you when it is time to play your matches. There are many types of Tournaments and matches taking place, so check out the PlayStation Tournaments feature and compete!

Initially, Tournaments will support 1 on 1 matches, and we’ll continue to enhance the feature in the future. We’ll be kicking off more exciting tournaments in the future, so make sure to come back to PlayStation.Blog for the latest info!

Now, if only they’d have a Dig Dug tournament.



Something that should have been there years ago.


The thing is, who is ever on They really need to figure out their shit with streamlining to make any of that web experience worthwhile. Right now they have a worthless, a hardly linked, and then the only worthwhile thing at, all functioning completely independent with completely different looks. THAT’S NOT HOW YOU USE SUBDOMAINS!


When I first got a PS4, I tried using, hoping I could send out messages to friends from there. I just wanted to be able to type on my keyboard. But no… so I stopped going there.

I disagree about the blog though. Both the US and the EU blogs are linked quite often, not only here, but on NeoGAF. They actually provide news on what’s coming out and it’s cool that they let developers post their own games there.

I cannot defend the store though.


I don’t mean linked from other sources, I mean providing links to the actual content (e.g. store). For example, the first story I clicked on when going to the blog homepage:

There is not a single link to Hitman in that entire article. For a blog that is trying to drum interest for a game they want you to purchase on their system, how can they not have the foresight to cross link to the place where you can actually spend money?