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Playstation News!
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Rise of the Tomb Raider will have 3 modes on PS4Pro:

  • 4K mode, the big resolution and developers made the optimal choices

  • 1080p high framerate, the game running at >45 FPS targeting 60

  • 1080p bells and whistles, 30 FPS locked with every processing technique pushed to the max


That seems like more work for the developers than what it’s worth.


Most do it already for PC gaming, though, right?



Update update:


Kinda, sorta I guess. Graphics options are generally made available to change at the user’s discretion but the brunt of optimizing that happens is usually making sure the game will boot and run using certain hardware drivers; AMD, Intel, nVidia, etc.

I suppose the plus side for PS4 Pro is that the devs don’t have to worry about driver issues or the like.


And it begins, coming as a surprise to no one really.

Instead of pushing 1080p as high as it can go whilst retaining a silky, smooth 60fps, apparently they think gamers just want slightly shiner graphics. This rustles my jimmies. Rustles them real good.

Whatever shits I had to give about the PS4 Pro before today’s news is 100% gone.


What’s the point of the pro if they’re not going to use the extra horse power?


After having thought about this overnight, here are my thoughts on this whole ordeal.

Colin Moriarty from Kinda Funny Games put it this way yesterday: “It’s an unforced error on Sony’s part.” I have to disagree. I feel like this was a forced error.

Nintendo lost… HUGE this gen and scrapped their console to reboot it next year. They needed to do this to stay competitive, to keep their relevance in the gaming industry and probably just to survive without going third party like Sega.

Microsoft also lost. Not financially, since the XBO is selling better than the 360 during this same time period. But when compared to the PS4, they tanked worldwide and are behind by a large margin in their own territory—one the X360 dominated last gen. They needed a refresh, something to generate more interest in their platform. Hence… the Scorpio. To reboot this gen next year was their only real way to compete against Sony.

So, Nintendo and MS felt they had to do this. And they probably had this in mind early on when they saw Sony’s sales take off. More time to prepare. More time to develop revisions, whereas Sony probably were more focused on VR to even consider a console upgrade.

I think the PS4 Pro was haphazardly thrown together after they got wind of MS’s plans. Probably from developers who were now working with Scorpio specs. Also, this is new ground for all companies involved, switching from the generation model to the smartphone model with slight upgrades every few years. Things are going to be odd for everyone involved, especially the consumers. Where is the sweet spot? Doing a minor revision like the iPhone 5S/PS4 Pro or a major revision like the iPhone 6+/Scorpio? Where will people spend their money? Where will the demand be? How will software companies deal with multiple SKUs? Will indies be able to handle it? How will forward/backward compatibility work? Will there be Scorpio exclusives and will that anger fans?

For me, I initially hated this when the leaks first began, but after seeing the PS4 Pro reveal… I realize that I just don’t care. The Pro/Scorpio is not for me. I am not a graphics connoisseur. I don’t have a 4K TV. As long as I can play everything the Pro can play, I can stay a casual. And if MS/Nintendo/Sony are moving towards a platform/smartphone model and leaving the generation model behind… that’s actually a good thing. If ALL games become forward compatible (I’m not sure I’m using this correctly), where all PS4 games will be playable on ALL Sony systems going forward, that I can keep my catalogue like I can with my iPhone… that is awesome. And allowing the customers to upgrade when they want to, when games start arriving that can’t be played on your old system, that is actually a better system. I think.



I went into the PlayStation Meeting today as a sceptic, believing that the hardware may not be up to the task of powering a 4K display. The good news is that several hours later, I emerged from the event impressed with the quality of the experience and respectful of the wizardry utilised to make this GPU punch above its weight.

However, a trio of the Sony first party efforts looked seriously impressive: Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone and Infamous First Light. All use the same cutting-edge upscaling technique. Previously we’ve talked about the 4x4 checkerboard process, where a 2x2 pixel block is extrapolated out into a 4x4 equivalent - next-gen upscaling, if you like. It allows developers to construct a 2160p 4K framebuffer from half the pixels - a much closer fit for the Pro’s GPU prowess.

Speaking to developers on site, several aspects of the checkerboard technology came into focus. Up until now, we’ve seen it as a software post-process upscale, but in actual fact, it’s one of a number of new custom features backed into the PS4 Pro’s GPU and as such comes with zero cost to game developers. We also understand that while it is a hardware feature, game-makers do seem to have a certain level of control - which may perhaps explain why different games exhibit varying levels of artefacting.

But the key takeaway is this - while the PlayStation 4 Pro GPU lacks the horsepower to render out challenging content at native 4K, the presentation we’ve seen on a number of titles clearly shows a worthwhile, highly desirable increase in fidelity over 1080p - one that does put a 4K screen to good use. Switching between full HD and checkerboard 4K, the increase in detail is simply stunning.


Those pics sure are amazing.


Extra detail @ faked 4K means nothing if the game is locked at 30fps and experiences drops.


I’m pretty sure it’s because Andromeda has a multiplayer feature, so instead of splitting 30fps and 60fps between multiplayer and single-player, we get stuck with 30fps across the board.


I agree with you, but what happens when Sony does start using the smartphone model for consoles? How often are we going to get more powerful hardware that isn’t utilized because of a fear of giving other people an advantage? That’s what I’m mostly worried about, and it’s already happening with Andromeda.


I think all the scorpio/ps4 pro talk really just makes me want to build a PC.


Larger initial investment but a better return over time.


If anyone is on the fence, this should help.


When asked if the 4K or HDR patches for PS4 games would be free, Masayasu Ito, an executive vice president at Sony Interactive Entertainment, told the Japanese website Game Impress Watch (translated by Kotaku) that “it will be different for each title,” depending on “the thinking of each licensee.”

At that point, Ito was referring to third-party publishers. But when Game Impress Watch asked him to clarify whether the same would be true for games published by Sony, Ito said so, telling the site, “I think it will vary for each one of our titles.”

There’s no way anyone actually charges for this right? Right?! I guess maybe if it was part of something bigger, like a DLC pack, that would make more sense than paying for just a ‘make it prettier’ patch.


Ya know, the more all this 4K stuff gets talked about the more I don’t want to buy any more consoles…


Throw in Sony not supporting mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim…



Xbox is just having a field day this week.

I love that Phil can say something like: “I’ve said before, the one thing that I probably find a little distasteful in the discourse around games is the divisiveness that people try to build between platforms.” - Phil Spencer.

And Xbox UK, Major Nelson and Aaron Greenberg just spit on him with console war smear campaigns like this. But hey, Sony’s on a roll lately. And the above tweet doesn’t even mention the PS+ price increase.


Christ, I forgot Fallout 4 mod support STILL hasn’t come out for PS4…