Playstation News!

Playstation News!
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Can you verify that for me again, please?

OH, I crack myself up sometimes.





  • PS4 SLIM!!! What a surprise announcement!!!

  • Sept. 15, $299

  • PS4 Pro!

  • Many old games getting patches to up-rez them.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn looks more amazing every time I see it.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda footage?!!??!?! Dang, it looks nice.

  • 4K Netflix.

  • EVERY PS4 will be HDR capable with next update!

  • Nov. 10, $399


Mass Effect gameplay? You mean that wasn’t a new Destiny raid?


Did they mention what the storage is for the Pro?




Any other specs announced? Curious how it compares to the “Scorpio”.


We picked up a new 4K tv several months ago and I’m pretty sure it’s lacking HDR. Sort of bummed about that considering how much Sony focused on the capability. shrug


I still have my Sony Bravia I bought with my PS3. I think it’s about time to upgrade to 4k, but then I would also be inclined to get a Pro, and Scorpio. Holy crap, that adds up quick.




That’s a mistake.


Honestly, I don’t know how I completely feel about the PS4 Pro.

Before anyone starts jumping on the proverbial 4K hype train, the current 4K “gaming” that both Sony and Microsoft are marketing isn’t actually native 4K. Native 4K gaming still require a disgusting amount of horsepower to run smoothly, so games are just going to get upscaled to 4K, similar to how the PS3 and XB360 would upscale BC titles. They’ll still look better (objectively) but it won’t be native.

I honestly would much rather see these companies work on getting games to run at a consistent 60fps @ 1080p rather than 30fps (with drops) @ “4K”…


See graphic above concerning 1080p.

And I agree. I am not jumping out of my seat for a PS4 Pro. I don’t own a 4K TV, have no plans to buy one anytime soon, so none of the benefits benefit me. It’s like when Apple announces a new phone upgrade, I think it looks REALLY cool and one day—maybe—I’ll upgrade. But I’m in no rush. Same with this. Some day this will be cool, but I’m totally happy with my current model.


[quote=“DarthSmurfX, post:376, topic:96, full:true”]
See graphic above concerning 1080p.[/quote]

I’m hoping that’s the case, but I will eat my controller if they can get Bloodborne to run at 60fps on the current PS4 with the update.


[quote=“DarthSmurfX, post:374, topic:96, full:true”]
That’s a mistake.[/quote]

This is being reported by multiple sources doing interviews at the presser, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Seems like the only 4K video available will be via streaming.


If VR is really, really awesome, and runs noticeably better with the Pro, then I might consider it. Otherwise I’m with Smurf and don’t mind not having the latest and greatest, especially if the experiences are essentially the same. Hell, I still play on a 780p plasma TV, but it’s not inches from my face.


I think he means it’s a mistake for them not to include it. The specs he linked clearly only show BR and DVD.


Ah, seems you’re right. My bad Smurf.

Yeah, seems like a huge oversight. Especially when it’s a feature available on the $100 cheaper “competitor.”


Wow. I have no idea what they were thinking with the exclusion 4K blu-ray discs. I usually buy the latest and greatest and was fully planning on picking one of these up, but not anymore. I’ll stick with my launch unit. PSVR performance upgrade and higher graphical fidelity is still sort of appealing, but not $400 appealing.