Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
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I know this is “early access,” but perhaps there’s such a thing as too early.



Which I hear is exhilarating, so that sounds like a glowing review to me. Sold.




At what point does a game stop being in early access? Day Z has been early access for 5 years. Maybe Ubi should say The Division is still in early access.


Whenever they say it’s no longer ‘early access’.



More developers need to start calling games early access.


Couldn’t figure out how to take a screenshot on this stupid Xbox.


Adds a First Person Solo queue and

Addressed a number of known crashes

A very welcomed fix.


Another very welcome improvement:



Well, there goes my immense trust in IGN reviews.


It took you this long?

I started doubting their reviews here. The final straw was here.


It was a joke.


IGN is no joke. Take it back!




*makes fart noise with mouth