Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
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This was a fun one.


Alright, finally controller support. I might have to try to boot this up again while I wait for Xbox One early access.


FPS-only is looking fuckin’ tits!


Do you typically bounce between the views depending on the situation or do you stick to 3rd person view?


I’ve always stuck with 3rd person, simply because you’re at such a disadvantage if you swap to first person.


I tried this again last night, spent a bunch of time remapping my buttons for the controller, and then realized when I tried to start the game that the prompts did not update and it was kind of a mix of what I set and what the defaults were, which they do not seem to surface the default mappings for a controller. So I figured I would just set it back to default, but sure enough, it wouldn’t stick no matter what I did. After a bit of googling it appears that I need to manually delete my settings.ini file, and go through a couple more hoops to get it to work.

I guess this is what I get for trying to play an early access game, on a mac dual-boot, with a controller. I should really just learn my lesson what wait for Xbox. Damn you streamers/posters!


So, no PS4 version then…



Clear as mud.



Chang says his company has had talks with all of the major console companies about bringing PUBG to a broader audience. Microsoft Corp. will launch the title exclusively on Xbox later this year. Bluehole is in talks with Sony about introducing a version for the PlayStation after that.


Good guy Phil Spencer: Hypocrite or liar? Discuss:

For reference:




Is the desert map and all the new vaulting stuff coming to Xbox? Or we going to get stuck with an older version of the game?


This ain’t Minecraft. Both versions should be the same.


Evidently it is like Minecraft…

Nico Bihary, Microsoft’s executive producer on the project, says players should expect a gameplay experience that is about six months behind the PC version.

A new desert map called Miramar is currently in public testing on PC and scheduled to go live with the PC game’s 1.0 release on Dec. 20. This new map will not launch with the Xbox One version of the game, and no date has been given for when it will arrive on the console.

Climbing and vaulting, a feature that arrived late on PC, will be included at launch on Xbox One.

The console version of Battlegrounds will not include a first-person only mode at launch. For now, that will only be available on PC.


AKA both systems will be running the same version of the game.



Now it’s time for us all to convince ourselves that it’s part of the charm.


Right. I thought JANK was a feature.