Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
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0 kills?


Ha, I didn’t notice that until now. Good catch. Explain yourself, Camper!


Hey, a win is a win!

We didn’t ever have to move. Last dude died around the corner of that wall just before I would have due to the last circle disappearing. We were taking shots at people but kept getting scabbed.



Ahh, I was hoping for a full pacifist run, like this guy:

But that was pretty good.



Hrmm, if he was battling for the top 2 or something, I could see how that reaction would be warranted, but 89? That seems a little exaggerated.


I think he’s had a tough time getting kills.


Nah man, the punchfest that can happen at the start can get that intense. Mainly because of how difficult it is to tell if your spammed punches are actually registering hits.

I think I’ve killed one person, maybe two, with punches at the beginning. I generally will try and fuck off to find a gun before attempting to fist someone to death.


There, y’all happy now?




Sadly, I have not returned to this game since I bought it and first played it. I haven’t actually played any games since, but this one in particular is so hard for me to go back to because I HATE THE KEYBOARD! I know it’s just a muscle memory thing, but every time I use the keyboard to play a game I can’t help but think it’s like using a number pad on an old phone to text. Once you do it enough, you can get very efficient at it, but it’s not designed to do what your are doing with it, so there are obviously better ways, and I can’t seem to get over that fact.

So yeah, old man gripe of the day.

Deals & Steals

I’m sure it comes with it’s own quirks, but maybe you should look into using a PS Navigation controller.


Also I think you can get regular controllers to work somehow. I’ve seen people talk about using them in the PUBG subreddit.


Yeah, but I don’t really want to have the huge disadvantage of aiming via analog stick, as I think the mouse is still superior for that, I just want a better way to move and interact with the environment. I will try the move controller since I already have one. I know there are other peripherals out there that could probably give me what I want, but I don’t want to pay $80 to play a $30 game that runs like crap on my setup in the first place.


You can probably get a PS4 controller to work. I use one for a lot of my PC games and emulators.


So yeah, with the latest patch the game just crashes on me anytime I go in to the inventory. Sweet. So much for that awesome gameboard I bought specifically for this game.


Yeah, this patch has brought a nice amount of new bugs.