Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
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I’m playing, so it’s time this earns it’s own topic. And, oh no, what have I done?

First game, never came across anything other than pistols, and holy crap do I fumble with keyboard controls, but 1 kill, late in the game, I was as happy as a clam.


Damn dude, better than my first game.

Is it running alright for you?


Not really. I set it to low settings. The lobby and plane/parachute are atrocious, but once I’m on the ground it’s actually ok. And that first game was beginners luck, just played another and got 79th.


Yeah, the lobby island is hilariously terrible. Also a minute or two after touching down can get pretty laggy.


Is there a better way to pull up the map? I always stumble with M.


Changing the keybinding would work.


What is this magic you speak of? Spellbinding, key mapping? I do not speak master race.


Computer games generally have this fancy-pants option to change what buttons do what action. Keybinding, key-mapping, etc.

Should be in the options menu somewhere.


I know, I was just being a smart ass. I guess the real question is, have you found a mapping that works for you? Although this sounds pretty standard for a PC game, so probably something I just need to get used to.


I’ve only changed sprint, crouch and prone, otherwise everything else is the same. Although I may be swapping them around some more until I find something comfortable. Most shooters I’ve played on PC don’t have a designated prone button.


I’m good with sprint, but I can never find prone, so-so with crouch. What have you changed them too?


I currently have crouch set to Left-CTRL and prone to one of the thumb buttons on my mouse.


Yeah, I’ll have to take advantage of more of my mouse buttons, good call.


Oh, I also have fire-mode selection as my middle mouse button.


You don’t have problem with the map button? I feel like I use that so often that it needs to be more convienant.


Nah, I’ve played so many games where the map button is ‘M’ that I’ve just gotten used to shifting my hand to the right enough to hit it with my thumb while keeping my other fingers on the WASD area.


I have a feeling @Jango bells would really like this game.


Damnit @Rewfus!! Very jealous right now.


You not even close to these specs?

I know you are due for a login…

You knew I couldn’t wait for console, no matter what I have to endure to be part of the zeitgeist.