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Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA developed by Epic games and was released in 2016

First Released

June 7, 2016


PC, PlayStation 4


Epic Games



Find out more at Giant Bomb

Very little is known about the next game from Epic Games, but there was a character model released, if that excites you?

Sounds like this will be some kind of hero based shooter?



Might as well keep this character model porn train moving.


Does anyone have any clue as to what this is yet?


Daikatana 2.


My prayers have been answered.


Hey, let’s get on that MOBA money! I know just what the genre is missing, killer character models! Give the fans what they have always wanted.

But hey, it’s coming to PS4 so I guess we’ll find out for ourselves.


I can’t wait for the MOBA genre to die out, Christ almighty…


I LOVE Awesomenauts, though it’s a non-traditional MOBA, and Guardians of Middle Earth was kind of fun. So I’m always hoping a title to catch my attention.

But yeah, overall, I’m over the number of MOBA games coming out.




I’m not going to lie, after trying out Smite on Xbox I immediately checked if this was coming out on PS4 after seeing this post. I just want to know what all the big f’in fuss is about with these MOBAs!


Why does this game have to be just pretty enough to keep my interest? Ugh.


Sign Up Here

Who is coming with me?!?!


Already did it like months ago, brah.


How did you link your PSN to your Epic account?


I apparently forgot my password and they haven’t sent me a new one yet, so I either signed up a while ago as well, or I’m SOL now.


I forget. Maybe it didn’t ask at the time? I just remember registering an account for the beta around when the game was announces and I’m sure it asked me what platform, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered.



So just to confirm, you can download this now:!/en-us/games/paragon/cid=UP1477-CUSA03608_00-1337014102641337?smcid=ps:show-now:visit-playstation-store:ps-playstation-store

But in order to play on March 18th, you have to pay $20 for the founders pack!/en-us/games/paragon-founder’s-pack/cid=UP1477-CUSA03608_00-FNDR010000000000?smcid=ps:show-now:visit-playstation-store:ps-playstation-store

Or wait for an open beta?