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Has this game already got to the point where if you aren’t playing with a regular crew you just get steamrolled?

I played for about two hours last night just trying to get my God damn 1.5k XP for the first win of the night and I think I lost about 8-9 games in a row. I couldn’t win a fucking game if my life depended on it, which at times it felt like it did. It was one of the most frustrating experiences I have had with a video game for a very long time, and I really didn’t expect Overwatch to do that to me. So now I just have to go to bed crabby. Meh.

I guess I’ll just have to wait for the competitive season to start before dipping my toes in the Quick Play P.O.S. game again.


We didn’t have that much trouble on Tuesday night. Maybe you just hit some bad luck?


I don’t know, maybe I was just playing on tilt too, but the games weren’t even close. I just didn’t think that game could be as lopsided as it was for as long as it was.


I played the other with a buddy and I think we lost most games and a few were blowouts but it didn’t feel too frustrating as a few were pretty close.


Alright, this game is cool again.

And here’s a video you might actually care about.






When the next patch rolls for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Jeff Kaplan said in this Reddit thread bout the problem, Torbjorn’s turret damage will be reduced by 30 percent. Torbjorn will remain the same in the PC version of Overwatch.

The patch is planned for mid- to late-July, pending certification from the console makers, Kaplan said.

Kotaku, which first noticed the exchange, pointed out that Torbjorn’s turrets are too accurate for a console population playing with gamepads, where on PC where mouse-and-keyboard allows greater precision, the character doesn’t throw the game out of balance.


Thank God.


I played against a defending team in which every player picked Torbjorn. We were able to counter the turrets after we figured out what they were doing, but just not fast enough to take the objective. It was annoying.



Meh. I’ll stick to dominating AI.


Gasp! And I thought I converted you?!?!


Those are my feeling for Competitive Mode. Regular PvP is competitive enough for me.



Gotta share that video, yo!




Going against 6 D.Va’s in a sudden death first to capture match:


I’m in!


Easy AI won’t know what hit 'em…