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Sooooo, thoughts?


Don’t interrupt, I want to hear how it ends.


Played another game. Played another game. Played another game. Played another game. Played another game. Played another game.Played another game. Played another game. Played another game. Played another game. Played another game. Played another game…Slept.

Then after about 4 hours of sleep, I finally got to process what I had played…

This game is masterfully built and goes against all common conceptions of modern games. You can tell games that are built by committee or built to hit bullet points or built mostly based off market research…Overwatch is not that.

Overwatch is a no-nonsense, no-frills arena based combat game. I can’t even say arena based shooter, because half of the characters don’t even have a primary attack! They are able to cutout so much of the BS surrounding modern games with gun unlocks, prestiging, K/D, camping, spawn camping…all by simply offering a game that is completely, and I mean COMPLETELY, built around the characters instead of everything else that gets in the way.

There is a leveling system, but that simply unlocks a new loot chest with each level, which just awards you cosmetic items. This barebones progression system might hurt the game’s longevity, but the pure joy you get from learning and getting comfortable with each character far outweighs any market tested game mode or RPG mechanics I can possibly think of.

I hate lazy MOBA comparisons for this game, as most people that make those are simply confusing it with Battleborn, but I do believe they took the nuances of hero combat in MOBAs, and brought that to an arena combat game, flawlessly. There is a reason you only need one map and essentially one mode in MOBAs, it’s all about the characters and the interactions between players at the most basic level, and that’s exactly what Overwatch is.

I’ll stop speaking in generalizations, I just don’t know any better way to describe something that on paper has so little to offer, but in reality offers such a wide variety of experiences, that anything else would just be noise.


My copy arrives tomorrow. I’ll probably have the same experience as Rewfus, just without the initial second guessing.


You have to admit, a $60 game that has 4 options

  • Quick Play
  • Play vs AI
  • Custom Game
  • Weekly Playlist

I mean, that’s it. That’s literally the game. Sure there are some profile and gallery options, but that’s pretty crazy. I’m not complaining now, as I think it’s honestly a beautiful thing, but that is super bare bones this day and age.


This makes Battlefront seem like the it was packed with too much at it’s release.


BF was packed with too much at its release: shit.

Overwatch may not be packing much but it knows how to work it.





I played some games with @LASSIE. The dude can heal.



Played some games with Bimble last night. Let’s just say we are NOT ready for any competitive modes right now


Pfft. We were totally MLG caliber. It was our teammates that were bringing us down.


Did you all buy this for PS4?



And apparently the above tweet was a mistake, competitive play coming in June.

Even less time for me to improve.


Every Reaper play of the game…


Yup. Josh and Carter have it. I fucking love it but I’m not great when it comes to MP. I think Josh and Smoke and his buddies have been running through MP, though.



Lots of people have done, and do, this is other games…I’m not saying this is the first time nor the most unique but there is something singularly great about your entire team running as the same character in the game. Like, running all asshole Bastions is stupid fun. The other night, me, a buddy, and I think Josh decided to run as Reaper or someone and the rest of the randoms on the team got the hint and also Reapers. Hilarity ensued. One memorable game was 5 Mercy’s, who heals and buffs, and one tank (I forget which one). So, half just held down heal on the tank, and the other half held buff, and the couldn’t die and the other team would instantly die. They eventually figured it out but the Death Parade was amazing.


I might need to get this game, I was flirting with buying it on Xbox and then remembered you all have PS4’s



I think I have received the 75% penalty once, and I could have swore it was after quitting only one game, but according to this, it’s a percentage of games from my last 20. Either way, I think the penalty only lasted one game, so I must have just barely reached that threshold, although I don’t remember ever getting any warnings before it happened. :thinking: