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We’re bringing back the magic of arcade racing
It’s been too long since there was an awesome, all-out arcade racing game! It’s great that there’s so much choice for those of you who love choosing tyres and tweaking set-ups, but what happened to the love for physics-defying, fast-paced, all-action racing? Onrush is a brand new game that celebrates everything you loved about the iconic arcade titles of yesteryear, but in a visually stunning, phenomenally fun and fresh take on what it means to race.

Onrush is a contact sport
You don’t get any penalties for hitting competitors in Onrush – you get rewarded! Onrush isn’t just about fighting for the win; it’s about racing with style and flair, earning boost from pulling daring stunts and powering up your RUSH bar by taking huge risks (more on that later). Whether you’re performing ridiculously audacious barrel rolls or slamming down from above to takedown a rival, the focus is always on doing something spectacular.

The ultimate rush
Onrush is all about thrill-seeking, adrenaline-pumping, grin-inducing fun. To those of you familiar with the arcade racing genre, the concept of ‘Boost’ won’t be a new one – but we’re bringing something new to the party: RUSH.

What’s RUSH, we hear you cry? Well, it’s an injection of explosive speed and unstoppable force that always packs the possibility of being your best moment in the game. RUSH is the ultimate manifestation of power and speed, and when used at the right moment can wreak absolute havoc on the competition.

There’s so much more to come
Since the incredibly talented team formerly known as Evolution Studios joined Codemasters, they’ve been quietly getting their heads down and working on Onrush. Now that it’s time to talk, we want to say a huge thank you for everyone’s support. You’ve been asking us so many questions that we haven’t been able to answer – but now the time has arrived, we’re so happy to finally share with you what we’ve been working on.

This is the Burnout successor I’ve been waiting for. I hope.


Looks good.




“Myself and Jamie [Brayshaw], the assistant director, we sat in the pub prior to joining Codemasters, and chatting about what sort of racing game we want to make,” says Rustchynsky. “We both said to ourselves, what are our favourites? What would we like to see come back? We both loved SSX, we both loved Burnout and Motorstorm, so we thought about how we could take the best elements of those to make a racing game.”

Onrush heads into a uncontested space, with the arcade racer having lain relatively dormant for the last few years (save a handful of exceptions such as the exquisite and unfairly overlooked Trackmania Turbo). Even then, it’s not content to be a straight take on the genre; instead, it’s something that sounds impressively bold.

SSX and Burnout!?!?! Say no more.


Need an incentive to pre-order? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you pre-order on PlayStation you will gain access to an exclusive early access beta in May!*

As for your questions:

- Gameplay Footage: Over the next 4 months we’ll be showing you plenty of in-game action.
- Photomode: All the new screens that we’ve released over the past 2 days were taken using the in-game photo mode.
- Frame-rate/Resolution: We’ll be making full use of the PS4 Pro & Xbox One X, but we’ll be sharing the technical details at a later date.
- Blog: If you missed the blog there are more details here

As always I’ll try to answer what I can for you guys here, but keep following @ONRUSHgame & @Rushy33 for the latest official news.





EVERYONE on Xbox and PlayStation will be able to join the stampede when we launch our OPEN BETA in May!

YES! I get to try before I buy.



Okay… this is looking even better.

And better…


Reminds me of Blur.


It reminds me of Ready Player One’s race scene.

And this one explains how it plays:



The OPEN BETA goes LIVE at 2pm (UK Time) on Thursday 17th May and concludes on Sunday 20th May at midnight (UK Time) on Xbox One and PS4!

Hooray! It’s almost time to get your RUSH on! What’s that? You want to play ONRUSH even earlier than the 17th!?

Well, if you pre-order on PS4 HERE you can access the beta 48 HOURS EARLY! (15th May) And most importantly before any of your mates, so you can brag like mad!


It’s going to be a busy —week— MONTH.


I got to Level 12 last night, so here are my impressions/thoughts:

  • First of all, the game is fun. I do enjoy the Countdown mode WAAAAAAY more than the other modes though. I felt like I could contribute to winning there, whereas in the other modes, I was having a tough time crashing others. But that may come with practice. Or not, I could eternally suck like in Rocket League. And Battlefront. And Destiny.

  • Are there any videos showcasing customization? I feel like this game’s success greatly depends on having a robust customization feature or it’ll lose it’s appeal. I know I wanted nothing more than to get rid of my cut-off jean shorts… or at least bedazzle them.

  • I worry that this game will suffer at $60. I’ll most likely be buying it, but I hope the online community will be large enough to sustain the game. Maybe Rushy should have a meeting with Sony and MS to really discuss cross-play here. I think, more than any other game, this one could benefit from XBO vs PS4 lobbies.

  • I hit one HUGE bug last night. After a massive crash, my screen began following another player… and never allowed me to respawn as myself. I just kept following this other car as if I was controlling it, but I wasn’t. And nothing I did could back me out of that except for shutting down the game entirely. What’s sad is that I didn’t even realize it right away. I was like, “why isn’t this handling right?” And then after it crashed, twice, I was like, “Wait. That’s not even my car.” Good thing for betas, amiright?

Overall, I can see this being a really fun game IF the servers are always packed AND if the customization options are plentiful.


I played a couple of the ‘crash mode’ races and didn’t enjoy it. I’ll have to check out the Countdown mode. Does that unlock after a certain level?


No. It’s randomly selected in the same Quickplay mode. It’s the one where you have to drive through the Green markers to add time to your team. The first team to run out of time loses.


That sounds more fun than trying to wreck the other team.


Metacritic 76
OpenCritic 77

PurePlaystation - 9.3/10
Onrush is one of those games that reinvents the wheel, successfully and entertainingly so. You’ll come to realize that a racer could be so much fun yet so different in content. The intense gameplay and truly unique game modes make this an experience worth trying. After all, how many racing games can you say have MOBA-like abilities for their vehicles? If you’re even a small fan of the genre this game should be on your PS4 until the next generation arrives.

TwinFinite - 9/10
Onrush’s blend of classic arcade racing, stunning visuals, and online team-based shooter ideas make it unique enough to stand out even against the competition of old. It’s an unconventional idea, but it’s the most fun you’re likely to have with a racing game this generation.

TechRaptor - 9/10
Gameplay is king, and Onrush knows exactly how to push my buttons. This is the arcade driving experience I’ve been waiting for, a magnum opus of carnage that moves the genre forward. The mixture of FPS-style heroes and objective gameplay really works, giving the game a solid foundation that is easily expanded upon. EA may have reminded the world of the joy of virtual demolition derbies, but it is Codemasters that paves the way forward. Long live the king of the road.

Eurogamer - Recommended
Onrush is odd, upbeat and inventive - and once you’ve got your head into its peculiar rhythm, it’s mostly excellent too.

SlasherJPC Video Review - 9/10

IGN Italy - 8.5/10
OnRush is an exhilarating, old-school arcade racer… with both its feet firmly planted in the new “online multiplayer” millennium. It needs more depth in its class system and more modes, but it’s fun as hell.

CulturedVultures - 8.5/10
Onrush is a lot of things. It’s brash, bold, experimental, but most importantly, really good fun to play.

Destructoid - 8/10
Onrush could use some refinement when it comes to its modes but its core is strong, and the foundation is set for a great arcade racer. I’m anxious to see how it evolves and if people will really pick up on the class-based system enough to explore it past the first few weeks of launch, but for now I’m happy boosting off of a cliff and doing sweet flips on a motorcycle to earn points.

Hardcore Gamer - 8/10
Onrush is the finest off-road racer ever made. The core gameplay is fast-paced and does everything that made the Motorstorm series great, but with far more refined controls.

God is a Geek - 8/10
Onrush takes the team-based multiplayer of Overwatch and combines it with a blend of Motorstorm and Burnout, creating one of the most unique and fun arcade driving games of this generation.

Eurogamer Italy - 8/10
Onrush is one of the most entertaining arcade experiences we tried in recent years, and we could barely stop playing it. On another note, it might require a lot of constant support to not become stale shortly after launch.

TheSixthAxis - 8/10
There’s a little bit of everything in Onrush, from racers to shooters, from destruction derbies to sports games. If you were expecting a sequel to MotorStorm, Onrush won’t be for you, but give it a chance and its clever blend of different genres can draw you into its unrelenting vehicular action.

USGamer - 8/10
Onrush makes a bid to revive the arcade racing genre with this wonderfully unique title. It’s a little bit Motorstorm, a little bit Burnout, a little bit SSX. It’s a beautiful game, with a selection of amazing tracks full of jumps, drops, and takedowns. Onrush is at times too chaotic and busy, but in the end it’s damned exciting.

WccTech - 8/10

MeriStation - 7.8/10

HobbyConsolas - 7.5/10
Onrush is an authentic madness, which is fun and vibrant. Although it seems that this is a long-term proposal that will depend on the support of the community.

ThisGenGaming - 7.5/10
ONRUSH is a fantastically fun game that reminds us why we love to get behind the virtual wheel and boost/takedown our way through the opposition. I may have come over as too negative with those last few remarks though, because it’s by no means a perfect game. I absolutely had a lovely time with it and in fact, I’d rather be playing more of it instead of writing this review, but I can’t help but raise the red flag on the few major issues it has. If Codemasters manages to tackle some of these, you can add a few half points to the score at the end of this review.

ErasedCitzens - 7.5/10
As someone who isn’t much of a racing game person, ONRUSH is the perfect type of game for me as I can jump in for a few rounds, have a lot of fun whether I’m winning or not, and be done within thirty minutes. My only concern is that now that arcade racers have basically died out this generation, I wonder if the price point is too high to entice people who may be on the fence to give the game a go. Fans of arcade racers shouldn’t hesitate at all to pick up this game; Codemasters has delivered the game we’ve waited for this whole generation.

SpazioGames - 7.5/10

Multiplayer.it - 7.5/10

IGN Spain - 7/10
Codemasters gives us a fun game but we’ll have seen everything it has to offer in a matter of hours unless you’re addicted to unlocking cosmetic customization elements.

GameZone - 7/10
Onrush delivers a sense of thrilling arcade action in a way no other game is doing but the awe-inspiring moments of epic proportions quickly become old as they happen so rapidly. There’s enjoyment to be had here but not enough to make Onrush feel like something of substance at its asking price. Had there been more depth and value, this game could’ve been something really refreshing but it shows all of its cards right away. Technically speaking, the game is something quite wonderful and makes for impressive screenshots but that can only carry a game like Onrush so far.

PushSquare - 7/10
Onrush is a chaotic arcade game that surprisingly comes together – even if there are question marks regarding its longevity. This brash vehicular experience draws inspiration from several different areas of the industry, but it reassembles them into something unusual and entertaining. A great online infrastructure means you can be in and out of the action in seconds, but the package could do with a little more meat on its bones to fully justify its price tag.

GTPlanet - 7/10
It can succeed because it offers an impressive level of depth and fun that constantly keeps you in the action. There’s no settings to tweak, driving lines to learn or vehicle nuances to obsess over. The strategic elements comes down to teamwork, decision making and an ability to focus in a wonderful spiral of chaos. Conversely, this radical paradigm shift could also isolate it from the majority of gamers. It’s going to be an interesting experiment but after the week I’ve had with the game, count me in.

GameBlog.fr - 7/10
Onrush is a fast, fun and entertaining game. By scraping a little at its surface, we discover that it is more subtle than it seems and therefore has more depth than one might think. The range of action is wide enough for everyone to find his account. But there are some bugs that are tough to forgive, even if they are not very serious. Let’s hope that future patches will both correct them and evolve the game so that we can continue to ride for a long while.

BaziCenter - 7/10

JeuxActu - 6.5/10

GameRevolution - 6/10

ArsTechnica - No score

Looking good.


To be fair, I didn’t sink a ton of time into the beta, but what I did play didn’t really grab me.



Takedown balance and consistency

One of the most prevalent bits of feedback was about the consistency of takedowns.

In some instances you found that it was too easy to be taken down with the lightest of touches, and in some instances you felt like you’d smashed straight into someone without making a dent.
We’ve done a lot of work to the edge-cases to improve this consistency, meaning takedowns are now a lot fairer!

We’ve also balanced takedowns in relation to different vehicle classes, so there’s now more of a noticeable difference between each class.

Plus more.