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Oculus Rift
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But he sold Oculus to Facebook… Who cares what racist shit he does now?


Yes. But I decided not to post here because it was borderline political and I was not completely clear on all the details either. Here’s the post that’s been sitting in my reserve since Monday:

Do not Google “Palmer Luckey” today. Ooooh boy.



He’s still in involved with it’s development.


Well, he continues to work at Oculus VR and is “the face” of that platform.


Also, thanks for posting this. I had been avoiding that NeoGAF thread for the last few days (too politically charged for my tastes) and missed this new development.

Here is Easy Allies discussing why people may or may not want to support Oculus based on one person’s views:

Timestamp: 1:27:40


Ah, okay. I thought he had sold it and went off to do other things. Didn’t know he was still involved in some way or another.


Sooooo… with the headset and the controller, it is now $1 cheaper than the Vive. Only worse. AND… only 22% of the profits go towards white supremacy hate propaganda.








There’s good cosplay and then there’s this.


I mean, what else is a man to do after leaving the VR world behind?


Go back.