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Oculus Rift
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Man, I’ve been dreaming about this shit since Lawnmower Man!





Better learn Japanese.


Don’t need to. I got a weiner and a camera, that’s all I need.


Some bullshit:


Huh, wonder why this one doesn’t bring up a pretty picture type link. :confused:

I could see the second article being fairly accurate for PC based units, but the author even admits the PSVR will probably fair better because of both price and ease of development. I can see the point of people just wanting to sit down and play like they’re used to, but the increased level of immersion is a huge selling point for me. I think it’ll be sweet. Probably more sweet in 10 years, but even now I’m excited for it.


Fixed that for you. I have to add domains to the whitelist for that to work. Security reasons or some stuff.


¡Muchos gracias, señor!







I actually played that on the Vive over the weekend at GlitchCon while talking to one of the lead developers. I can post details in the Vive topic if anyone is interested, but I have officially list my VR V-card. i’m kind of sad to have lost it to be honest.


Do you feel empty and ashamed or fulfilled and glowing and excited?


I felt more empty and ashamed than I was expecting, but yet still wanting more. I think there is great potential for it, it just has a ways to go right now.


VR V-card game coming soon. I guess some people walk a bit funny after playing.


Anybody been following this weirdness?

TLDR: Palmer Lucky aligned himself with alt-right (white supremacist) group by funding some shady pro-Trump charity. Palmer half-apologizes and strangely lies about his role, which is immediately called out on. Palmer’s girlfriend (a gamergate supporter) starts deleting racist tweets (many that Palmer himself “liked”) and ultimately deletes her entire account. He remains silent since his non-apology. Facebook has not commented.

Here’s Giant Bomb’s discussion on it:

Developers are even dropping support for Oculus because of this:

This is not about Palmer’s support of Trump. This is about funneling money into white-supremacist groups and associating with some of the most hate filled online entities. Also, immediately and clearly lying about it and contradicting his own words doesn’t help.