Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift
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Full launch lineup for Oculus, plus sizzle reel:


Virtual reality is becoming a reality! I don’t actually think I’ve seen that headline yet? Too low of a bar?


Not for Life…bar! HEYOOOO





Non Freakin Sanitary Way?
No Fresh Semen Wasted?
Nice Friday Super Wank?

Ok, I’ll stop now.


Not Funny; Stop Writing :smile_cat:

Tidbits Updates


Giant Bomb live streaming their coverage of new Rift games:





I’ve almost watched all 5 hours plus of this, and like most people watching others play VR, I’m pretty underwhelmed with the whole thing, but it’s promising to hear what the GB crew has to say about their excitement for the tech.

I am hopefully it’s almost the reverse case of the Wii, where there were killer titles right away (Wii Sports), but they pretty much used the technology to the full extent out of the box, where with VR, the software is all way behind what the technology can actually do, once properly harnessed…that’s my naive hope at least, don’t take that away from me!

Just hearing Jeff’s joy in throwing a tennis ball up in the air to serve in a mediocre VR tennis game tells me there is so much more to be had with the VR experience, it is just going to take a long time for it to come to fruition. I’m optimistic about the future of VR though, based off what I’ve seen here.


I was having a discussion with my BIL last night saying essentially the same thing. He was saying games probably won’t be very fun out of the gate, but where it can go is promising. I think I’ll enjoy it right away. Just upping the immersion factor in virtual worlds is what I’m looking forward to, and they’re already doing that. Just hope the experience doesn’t have to be too gimped to make the VR aspects work.


I continue to struggle with this. I still just don’t get it. But then again I enjoy Budweiser and Miller Lite. I am common man. Get off of mah lawn.

I think the idea of it is neat and agree it does have some potential but I feel awkward enough wearing my Sony Gold Headset and yelling at the TV like a 4 year old for someone to revive me.

Just imagine adding a lot of beer to the equation.

Man, imagine the awesome VR fail video we are gonna see.


Many amazing gifs on the way!

I do hope to jump on board the VR train at some point, but unlike many items of new tech that come out, I don’t think I’m going to be an early adopter for this.




That one’s nice and all, but when’s this one hitting the Oculus?





Wait, we can embed .mp4 files now?