Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift
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That music is ROUGH.


Keep delaying until I can afford you, PLEASE!


Pre-orders open Wednesday, but still no announcement on price…?


This is a pretty classy move, and makes me wish I would have backed it while I could.


Pre-orders are live folks.



That link is now giving an April 2016 date. How far do you think that will climb today?




George, it comes with an Xbox One controller, settle down.


I don’t know…sounds about what I expected.


Oculus Rift
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You need to spend $600 on top of a super high end computer to run it?!?!?! Oh boy.


$600 for early adopters. The price will go down, obviously. And it’ll be cheaper to make over time. Doesn’t mean it won’t R.I.P. but, yeah, probably a bit too steep to launch with a large consumer base and that’s not great.


I’m just comparing it to the PS3 when it launched at $600. Not that many people early adopted at that steep of a price. Maybe the PC market is different than the console one though. But my first reaction is…

Strike one.

Now let’s see how Vive and PSVR respond.


OK, now the price is justified. But the pre-order now says May, so you better hop on the wagon while you still can.


All that for only $600?!?!?!?!! Where do I sign up?



Fricken Polygon and their dumb ass asset generation. Does it work now?


To be fair, he did warn us.

And yes, that image works now.

PR Implosion in 3… 2… 1…


I’m sure many of you have read the tweets, but just to help Smurf out a bit…



It looks to me like Palmer hired this guy to head up his PR department and manage his Twitter account.



I’m not sure if I would go that far just yet. It’s an expensive item, no doubt, but I can’t say that I see the reason behind the uproar. As @LASSIE, that’s the price you pay for being an early adopter, they should know that.


Oh, I’m not referring to the price… just his snarky Twitter responses today. I’m having flashbacks of Sony saying you’ll need a second job to afford a PS3 and touting its value at $600.


I get that you can’t always be nice to everyone in every reply, and maybe those are a few out of many better interactions, but damn, dude. Those people probably won’t be buying near launch anyways but that’s not a way to build goodwill. So many better, and frankly easy to come up with responses, are available.