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This isn’t Rift, but this is Oculus, so we might have to create another topic if this takes off?


I think this was only a matter of time, but it looks like the hololens is no longer the only “reality” that can tout the most popular game of all time:

A pretty good tweet by Notch:


If any of your are wondering, this is all coming from the Oculus Connect Keynote that is happening right now:

<I forgot they still haven't fixed it where Twitch streams don't autoplay, so removing for now>



Not sure what real world implications this would really have, but cool none-the-less:


That’s about what people were expecting, right?


That’s what I figured. Not so bad if you already have a capable PC. Mine will need some serious upgrades if I want to go the Oculus route.


With the specs they released, I feel this amount of gamers will be fairly small.


I like the idea of where they’re going but at the same time people might get to into these games with shooting games and have trouble understanding the fake world or the real world. Other than that I think this might be a big hit, but I’d rather have something that like also takes it into the real world and gaming world, like the Microsoft Lens, that seems much more interesting to me that this, you look like the worlds biggest idiot wearing this thing, and its hilarious.


I’m not sure you would look any cooler in the HoloLens

But at the end of the day, you are playing video games after all, so does it really matter how cool you look?


Well if you’re in a room all alone 1,000 miles in space, yeah sure its all good, but you don’t want to be that guy walking around your living room with a fake gun in your hand a a giant thing on your head walking around and being like this is awesome!!! When in reality your family is video taping you and you don’t even know it and they post it on the internet and you get embarrased and get rid of your Oculus Rift and buy a HoloLens and play with that and you’re friends are like cool bro can I try it? Look matters all right :stuck_out_tongue:


Anybody planning to watch The Game Awards?




And that special announcement is…

…a video with a lot of poor humor.

If you want to see any prototype gameplay, you have to start at about 2 minutes in.


Screenshot looks cringey as hell.


They just continue to tease me. Bastards!




Man… the options. I can’t wait to try one of these. And get pink eye.