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A cyberpunk horror game from the creators of Layers of Fear.

First Released

August 15, 2017


Mac, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux


Bloober Team



Find out more at Giant Bomb

I started to watch the QL of this and stopped not far in because it looked so good I wanted to play it myself:

Essentially a highly atmospheric Blade Runner-esque horror game with Rutger Hoer as the main protagonist

It’s from the makers of Layers of Fear, which I have loaded on my Xbone but haven’t played yet. Anybody check that out?


Looks cool


I’m guessing nobody has played this? Heard good things. I’m thinking of picking it up for $16 on sale.


I bought it because of the sale and the extra 10% off. Spent way too much, overall. Also bought The Last Guardian, the Life is Strange sequel, Hellblade, Zero Escape, and Watchdogs (lol).


Ha, you spent less than me because I also bought Observer, but I pretty much bought all the others at release, and other than Hellblade and Watchdogs, I haven’t touched any of them yet.



I may have to finish this in his memory.

I wonder if @LASSIE every played it (a cheap ploy to mention @LASSIE)