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No Man's Sky
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It’s cold as hell, has a ton of gold, and lacks those nightmare bears.


I second this.


I’m shocked too.

There were moments last night where I was disconnected from the servers, but the game still functioned (as in, I didn’t even notice unless I saw the message on the discovery page) and just uploaded my discoveries whenever it reconnected.


So, yeah, I know that’s Polygon, but this is brand new information to me. I redeemed my ship, but haven’t left my initial system yet. Thankfully. Just make sure you get hyperdrive blueprints until Hello Games can figure out how to fix this for preorders.


“For what it’s worth, I started with the bonus ship and found that if you stick with it (i.e. Don’t buy a new one) the game points you to all the necessary blueprints after your second warp jump.”

So, thankfully, I came upon 2 ships I could trade for, but noticed they didn’t have warp drives, so I skipped them. Cool.


Useful tips, including how to fix the preorder bug.


Wanna get really jealous? Go here and scroll upwards:

I own the game and I’m getting envious of the things people are finding/taking screenshots of.




Can you guys help us come up with a good NMS DRP? I love my acronyms!

So yes, I am asking for a good single/multi pick question for No Man’s Sky for tomorrow’s Daily Reflection Point.

…much obliged


You can ask something generic like Are you a No Man’s Sky: Explorer, Trader or Fighter?

Favorite element: Zinc, Plutonium, Carbon, Gold, geez, I’ll have to look up the rest.


Do you really have a favorite element in the game? Aren’t there just some you need out of necessity and some you can sell, etc.?


I don’t. But you were asking for questions.



No Man’s Sky or Yes Man’s Sky?


Gold is definitely my fave. I spent most of my time didn’t out of caverns until I started exploring and saw my planet has giant MOUNDS of it just sitting around.


Last night, I left the familiarity of my home system and ventured into the vast unknown. My next system, Smurf Vector, has a floating ship sending out some sort of signal that I can’t figure out how to communicate with, so I landed on the nearest planet instead, Smurftopia. It has a comfortable atmosphere and lots of wildlife. Most are nice, but stay clear of the crabs—they are crabby. I’ve found tons of exosuit upgrade pods here already and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Just read a Kotaku article on this GIF from an early trailer speculating if this thing is actually still in the game or not:

But, it was the comment section that truly was worth the click:


Okay, I’ve finally been able to sit down and actually play this game rather than just watch my roommate play.

This game is boring as hell past the first couple of hours. Honestly it feels like an early access game you’d see on Steam and I don’t feel like it’s worth the $60 price tag at all. Part of me wants to wait and how their big patch will change up the gameplay, but waiting for the “rest of the game” to arrive post-launch is becoming a tiresome trend.

EDIT: Also fuck the inventory system.


It sounds like you just described Ark.

Honestly, that’s how I felt playing Ark in the beginning. I’m sure it’s a great game and it’s got dinosaurs you can ride and all that shit, but it lost me immediately.

I might wait til it comes out on Xbox, if the rumors are to be believed.


I’m gonna return it/trade it in today. I think it’s a marvel in game creation, but I had a few days with just myself and the baby home this weekend so I had a bit more time to play and just didn’t feel the desire to pop it in. I was playing other games and watching movies, very aware it was there for me to play and feeling like I just didn’t want to. I already have too many games in my library and there are other things I’d rather get that I’d been holding off on in anticipation of this.


If I do hear that some things improve and I see it on a sale in the future I may pick it up again.


I think I’ll wait for a deep discount. Hopefully there will still be planets to discover when I get it.


You all suck, especially @katet and my other co-workker for essentially forcing my hand to digitally purchase and download the game on our way back from Chicago this weekend.

I felt the same way watching coverage of people play this, but then hearing stories of people play this really got me excited to create some of my own stories. I have been having fun for the first couples hours of the game that I have played, but I can absolutely see this getting boring if it’s just the same cycle repeated over and over again.

Oh well, at least I don’t have that nasty FOMO no more.


I look forward to hearing about any updates they might make to it. Just some better inventory and upgrade management would be nice, that feels pretty tedious right now. I’m kind of glad I bought it on disc, but if you’re stuck with it, keep us updated, Rewfus! :wink: