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If I can say anything about that… everything we’ve seen of No Man’s Sky is the final product. It looks the same. It feels JUST like the trailers. It’s not like seeing a pre-rendered, hi-res trailer and then being let down with the final product when it ships. This is like being transported into the trailer.

My opinion is subject to change upon further playing.


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If it’s something else that is out of my comfort zone…[/quote]

So anything that doesn’t have Star Wars in the title?


Pretty much.


I couldn’t resist. Although Smurf is the only one that has graced us with his playing impressions so far, hopefully that will change soon.


Been playing for about 1.5 hours and enjoying it so far. Its been neat to figure stuff out, as the game is a bit esoteric. Like previously admitted, I’m somewhat agreeing with some of those Polygon complaints. The main issue is inventory, because I horde everything, but it’d be less of a problem if you knew or could figure out what the items (not materials) did but I’m leaning towards that’s more for your to figure out as a player. And you can buy more slots, but I just haven’t figured out how or what item in the store that is.

His complaint about having to manage shields, the mining tool, and whatnot is correct…but only to the extent that literally every other game ever starts you with shit items and you just deal. And this is a survival game, so you have that aspect of grinding, which isn’t bad so far at all. Like, you know very quickly that you can, at some point, upgrade your shit so why is that a problem if the stuff you have doesn’t start you at a huge disadvantage?

The most asinine part of that critique is that if you didn’t have to manage your shields, environment, etc. which again is a bit annoying but fairly easy to deal with, and were allowed to just explore, as that reviewer wanted, it be more fun. EXCEPT he’d just complain about how boring the game would be because there would no tension or conflict at this point in the game. Even I see that if I had (mostly) free reign of vast areas this game, it would be pointless very quickly.

Lastly, his concern about how maybe people who didn’;t read up would be put off by their own epxectations or how ‘grindy’ the game is. Yeah, DayZ, Darks Souls, etc are tough games with high barriers of entry…but are still beloved games tat are mostly critically acclaimed. GTFO with that concerntroll BS about a game that isn’t even as difficult to get into as those games.

That ‘impression’ is fair as far as that person’s feelings but to project and review aspects that he’d obviously still complain about if they were actually what he currently wanted (aka the opposite if his complaint) is just unfair and completely not about ethics in game journalism.

Sorry for Wall O’ Text.


Also, and I’m guessing because it’s launch, the game has crashed 3 out of the 6 times I’ve tried to load it up. And, in game, when I go to my discoveries it’ll save its ‘not online’ half the time. I’m giving Hello Games a break, as a small dev, but not Sony for being a the pub.


So, sorry for all this text that nobody will read, but just ran into a fun/funny situation. I jumped into my ship to keep exploring my initial planet. It has question mark waypoints which are saves and loot and building and shit. Its difficult to see where you’re landing your ship, so you kind of have to be careful. I thought I made it past this giant arch but did not but no big deal since it should be be easy to get back up when I need to.


I couldn’t unlock any loot boxes, didn’t see the ‘save point’, and accidentally sold all my materials that keep me alive. Shit, I need t run to my ship…

…which is on that arch, that ends up being gigantic, and I have to run forever to get to a point to be able to jump at least to it.

So, that was intense but the game is pretty fair in that it spawned the materials I need to recharge my two bars. Not enough to make it seem easy in hindsight, but as you’re running to your ship, grabbing meager supplies that sustain your.

Jumped in my ship, used that fuel to just fly off arch. WORTH IT.

The game is grind, but I think in a completely fair way. I needed iron in that area, which I stupidly sold, but it was scarce. But just enough was around for me to scramble and stay alive.

good time.s


I have to change my view on this game after playing some more last night. I clearly wasn’t praising it enough, because I really, REALLY regret not taking a day or two off work just to sit home and play this.

After fixing up my ship, I was able to more fully explore my initial planet with short jumps. Then, hesitatingly, I blasted off into space. My system (Smurf Prime) had 3 more planets—all in a row.

So, I needed to visit Smurf Beta, Smurf Gamma and Smurf Theta. Smurf Gamma needed to be named Gamma because it’s almost entirely green and rains acid, but had amazing caves.

Smurf Beta had no environmental hazards, except it got cold at night. It also had no animals and very little vegetation. Kind of a boring planet, but it was nice to just run around collecting stuff without having the “warning” robot voice in my head constantly nagging me to find shelter.

Then I hopped back in my ship and headed to Smurf Theta, not expecting too much, but when I got there… wowzers! It also rained acid, but this one was teeming with life and floating islands (I made sure I did not land on one, because there would be no way to get back if I fell off).

I was just planning on landing, naming the planet and then hitting the old hyper drive to the next system, but after seeing what this planet looks like, I’m going to explore it further. And there are these cool looking flying creatures that I can’t seem to scan… too far away or something, but my goal is to find one on the ground. The acid rain is easily avoidable, so the Polygon “writer” is just pulling his typical anti-Sony shenanigans—it’s barely noticeable after 2 hours of playing, let alone something that needs a full paragraph crying about it. I guarantee if this was an MS exclusive it would be Polygon’s GotY. But, enough Polygon-bashing…

This game might be my GotY, at this point. The Witness and Uncharted 4 are both fantastic, and Street Fighter V is the best fighter I’ve played, but I have a feeling it will take a long time before I grow tired of exploring the galaxy in NMS.


Oh my.

I need to know how to embed that video.


There’s the direct link to the video, though I dunno if it’s possible for Rewfus and crew to enable embedding. Twitter has been weird about that since their last big update.


OH WTF. I can’t run into that late at night, I won’t be able to sleep.

Also, I kind of hated that I had to find out on my own that you have to survey or scan or whatever to get credit for discoveries. I would think that feeding the animals and pwning rocks would auto-do that but naw.


Wait! You can FEED THE ANIMALS!?!?!??!?!

How? I needs ta know!


You just have to run up on them and press square (I believe). It uses materials, like carbon, but they’ll sometimes (most times?) dig up, vomit, or shit out a resource. Just keep an eye on them as they’ll like run around and be all twitchy after feeding but you’ll know they’re giving you something when their happy face icon turns into a magnifying glass/search icon.


NICE! Now… how do I got those giant vulture/bat things I saw to land???


Shoot them out of the sky?

But seriously that, I don’t know. I’m guessing you can in this game, as it seems like something they would put in, but no idea. I’m still trying to get an AtlasPass and all that first planet crap.


When you figure out the AtlasPass stuff, let me know.


I"m never leaving my first planet: LASSIE PRIME. I NEED ALL THE THINGS.


And yet, we still have no screenshots of Lassie Prime.


I feel your pain, Lassie. A checklist for every one of a quintillion planets? sigh Here we go.

I do love it, though. I really like the feeling of sneakiness with those hover bots floating around. Blast something big, they swoop in to scan, I whistle a tune and act innocent as a slink away. “Nothing to see here.” I did trigger them once early on but easily ran away and avoided a fight. I blasted off of my first planet and managed to get to a space station in my sleepy stupor (running in to a wall over and over is now replaced with flying in a circle), but actually want to go back to find more stuff. Although a planet with a more temperate climate would be nice. It wasn’t really pretty enough to make the high daytime heat fun to deal with. Regardless, exploration is fun. I think the alien I met at the station didn’t like me, though.


I’m poor and I can’t afford this game right now and you guys aren’t helping.

Quit sharing your fun! QUIT IT.