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The method in which one can “beat” the game in around 12 hours and it’s not an exploit or a cheat. There are specific crates that will spawn at starbases that will always drop one of the three “rare” items you need to craft fuel with, and these can be farmed almost indefinitely.



Pre-order Canceled.

Nah, just kidding. ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯



That does sound like something they might want to change.


People are having fun today!


Good call.



So the day one patch/update is pretty fucking substantial and Murray wasn’t joking when he was asking for reviewers not to base their complete review off of leaked or prelease copies.

Here’s the patch info. Mild to moderate gameplay spoilers.


https:// v/82473234

I feel like I might be sick tomorrow. I feel a little tickle in my throat. -cough- -cough- Yup. Definitely coming down with something.

EDIT: Wow. If you watch that stream, do yourself a favor and not look over at the chat window. So. Many. Facepalms.


A message from Sean Murray:

And some tips:

And here’s my first planet and first (of many) screenshots:

Welcome to Smurf Alpha in the Smurf Prime system. We have animals. And radiation.




Geez. I clicked on it before I noticed it was from Polygon. Thanks, @Jango.


I can’t tell if it’s my own (deservedly earned) bias against Polygon or if that ‘review’ was just kind of stupid.

"I have these complaints…

…which are fading the further I get into the game and which I’ve found in game items to mitigate."

I understand, and will probably agree with, those same complaints but why make a big deal about it as points that lessen your enjoyment, only to make that those issues mostly inconsequential with a few quick lines in the next paragraph?


It’s both. That ‘review’ is just plain stupid. But also, Polygon has an earned negative bias.

Here are my early impressions. Which, may or may not contain spoilers, because I have no idea what type of planet everyone will start on, but I can assume some things will be similar.

I thought for sure they’d start me in the shallow end, get my feet wet, teach me the basics before throwing me into the deep end. I thought my starter planet would be devoid of life, rich in resources, so that I could learn at a leisurely pace. Nope. I start out taking radiation damage and have no idea what I’m doing with only some VERY basic instructions. It felt almost identical to the very first time I fired up Minecraft—you know danger is coming and you have a limited amount of time to prep for it. And you are fumbling to figure things out. Fast. Once you get the hang of things though, the radiation warnings were easy to circumvent.

Exploring caves also gave me the Minecraft vibe. That feeling you could get lost and never find your way out… so I tend to play it safe and not venture too far in any given direction.

Then, I began fixing and upgrading things and life got easier. I found animals, non-threatening ones, and it was like a feeling I’ve never had in a game—knowing this animal will probably never be seen by another living human. And it moved and interacted with me and the other animals around it. I marveled at the tech behind this and could not believe this was random ‘maths’ at work.

Once I got my ship up and running, I went exploring the surface more, because there were things on my scanner that were too far to walk to, but a ship had no problem reaching them in seconds. Now I had a different sensation—Mass Effect 1. Except, prettier. With more variety. And things to do. I remembered tooling around in the Mako, trying to collect things, but this was the Mako on a completely different level. Someone didn’t hand draw these mountains. There wasn’t a set course that everyone in the world would follow, the same architect didn’t design every base and everything was completely unknown. It was what I wanted the “extra credit” planets in Mass Effect to be. Driving the Mako around a barren wasteland had it’s moments, but this was way better.

I actually like that you start off having to survive. It teaches you the game rapidly. And I know that once I upgrade a few things, the game will get easier. Then, of course, harder, I’m sure. Yeah. Your inventory is laughably small. But I know that can be upgraded later, so whining about it now is foolish. Unless you get paid to whine like the Polygon staff.

tl;dr - This game is amazing. It’s the love child of Mass Effect and Minecraft and I can’t wait to get home and play some more.


What I’m taking from this is that Polygon is evil. Got it.

To be fair though, that’s not a review but impressions. Said his review is coming in a week or so.

Not to get to off topic, but who do you folks actually go to for solid reviews?


I usually only listen to Easy Allies. A few of their roster have similar tastes to me, usually, so if they like something—I’ll probably like it. Also, Kinda Funny. They don’t usually do reviews, but they have discussions and I get more out of those than any written review on IGN or Gamespot.

Also, Polygon hates Sony, so anything that is a Sony exclusive -usually- gets badmouthed at Polygon. Uncharted 4 is the only PS4-exclusive in recent memory that they didn’t immediately trash.


Not evil, just incompetent.

I’ve actually stopped relying on written reviews and use Giant Bomb’s quick looks, or other similar videos on the YouTubes, as I tend to get way more out of those than a video or written review.


I typically don’t read reviews or listen to reviews anymore.

I’m to the point where I can tame my wallet and know what I’ll the most out of. If it’s something else that is out of my comfort zone, like No Man’s Sky, then I’ll go off of word of mouth.

I really liked this game when it showed at E3 for the first time but now I’m on the fence mainly because with school starting up again next week I don’t think I’ll have the time. Unless of course I hear it’s just mind blowing.