No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky
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More than Mass Effect: Andromeda, that’s for sure.


I’d say the only thing missing are the sandworms shown in the reveal trailer. Unless those are here too and will just be a surprise when someone discovers them.


To me the game is completely what you make of it. They have added a lot of stuff to help you fill in those gaps, but you still have to use your imagination/motivation to do the act of filling. When they say they added narrative, I am guessing that just means more lines of “dialog” that always fell completely flat for me. I just don’t think I’m willing to role play enough to really get the most out of this game, much of the same reason I will never be able to get in to minecraft.

I guess all I am saying is don’t pick up this game expecting to be entertained simply in the act of playing it. It takes much more work on the players side to make it anything worthwhile, but I have no doubt if you put that work in it can be something pretty awesome.

Just look at all of the screenshots Smurf and others have taken, you just have to be willing to provide your own captions.



I was so into this for about 3 days and then forgot about it. Should give it another go.




So, who thinks they will actually deliver this time?

  • Gotta have faith
  • Faith no more
  • No Man Cares

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The last 3 DLCs all delivered.


Yeah, I was more referring to will this DLC deliver on their original marketing of what they sold us.


WOW! I actually can’t wait to go home and play this game again.


So, what did you think?


It’s like a completely different game from 2 years ago.

Brief ReReview:
On PS4, my default was still 1st person. I switched to 3rd to try it out, but hated it, so I went back to 1st and only switched to 3rd when I wanted to take a cool photo. I spent a bit of time modifying my look as well—lots of options.

I reloaded my previous save. My ship got WAY cooler looking with moving parts and everything. I liked it before; I love it now. Most of my gear was broken and converted to other materials… some worth a lot of coin if I traded it in. I have to relearn everything because almost nothing is the same, not even the material you power your craft with.

I was standing next to my base last week, but when I loaded my game last night I was in a Space Station—my base is gone. There was a note that said it’s saved in memory and I just have to find a base station relay to recall it, but I haven’t done that yet. I read online that people are having a hard time finding them naturally. I started a new base by creating a relay, but that didn’t have the option to recall my previous base. I hope that’s fixed in the first patch. I want my crew and farm back.

I went to 3 planets as all my hyperdrive fuel magically disappeared, so I can’t leave my system. On one planet, it was a constant dust storm and the PS4 crashed 4 times before I finally just jettisoned off to a less processor-intensive planet. This part DOES feel like No Man’s Sky from 2 years ago. [insert grumpy face here]

And one person on my friend’s list joined my game randomly, but I never saw him. It was @Dillon_J_Mahonay. Why isn’t he on here?

So far, I’m super impressed. As long as the first patch fixes the crashes and the base station bug, I’ll be playing this until September when Spider-man launches. Literally everything about it feels improved—I wish this is the game I had sunk 80 hours into.




So I’m back to the same problem I had before. Do I just mess around in the sandbox mode where there are is no real grinding for loot/materials, but also no real sense of consequences/rewards, or do I try to follow the mission structure and build up the material to upgrade my ship/base in hopes of some sense of accomplishment? Those are essentially my two options, no?


Yeah, and then harder versions of Option 2.


Now that I’m in a lull with WoW until mid-August… might give this a go again.


This game now.


The latest patch fixed 2 major issues with the game, and I was FINALLY able to restore my base onto my paradise planet.


Two years later, I’m addicted to No Man’s Sky again. That is crazy.