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I got to play a bit last night. This game doesn’t feel at all like the one that shipped. The planets are more cohesive with newer, more interesting formations, the lighting is better (see below), the plants are grouped rather than spattered randomly, animals can appear in HUGE herds and are more varied, bases are insane (see below), freighters are cool and when I bought mine, the entire sky was filled with freighters and other ships—there had to be over 30 flying around, there are new elements, the elements you scan now show their periodic table abbreviation so you know exactly what is nearby, Photo Mode, draw distance is improved, ship-to-ship battles are more epic, mining tools have levels now, I saw an animal mourning the corpse of its friend/mate and more that I’m failing to remember right now.
Here’s the freighter I bought and can customize the interior of. Behind this shot was another 20 ships that warped into view.
Here’s an example of the extreme lighting. This planet was insanely cool and shifted to more or less red depending on the time. At some points, the plants and landscape were only slightly different shades of red outlines.


Man, just seeing the difference makes me think that if they had marketed NMS as an “early-access” type of game at ~$30, I doubt the flak would have gotten nearly as atomic as it did. Hopefully they continue to release steady updates like this.


The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled No Man’s Sky’s controversial Steam page did not mislead consumers.

Its decision means screenshots, videos and text currently on the No Man’s Sky Steam store page may remain. While the ASA’s investigation looked at Steam specifically, its ruling applies to the PlayStation Store, too.

The ASA had received 23 complaints about No Man’s Sky’s Steam store page, with most accusing the assets of painting a misleading picture of Hello Games’ space title.

Complaints centred around screenshots and videos that depicted advanced animal behaviour, large-scale combat and ship-flying behaviour believed not to have ended up in the launch version of the game.

Complainants also said screenshots misrepresented the graphical quality of the game, and insisted a reference to a lack of loading screens and factions that contest territory was misleading.

The ASA contacted both Valve and Hello Games as part of its investigation, but because Valve doesn’t handle the individual store pages for games sold on its platform, the buck passed to Hello Games. And based on emails sent to Eurogamer this month, it’s clear the Guildford developer put a lot of effort into defending itself. It provided footage of the game and detailed responses to each allegation, stressing at every turn it did not mislead consumers.

The ASA’s ruling is based upon Hello Games’ assertion that No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated game, and so the player experience varies from playthrough to play through.

I’d say that the latest update erases almost all of those complaints entirely.


Well… there you have it. Actions > words.


What am I looking at?


Top selling games on those two platforms currently.


Ah, didn’t know if it was current or over the past few months.

So is base building live along side those other updates, or is it being added in an upcoming patch?


I’m pretty sure it’s live. I haven’t done it myself, but I did try to recruit someone and he told me I didn’t have a base yet, so there’s that.


It’s indeed live. I built a very basic one. I’m running quests from my hired Gek now to get new blueprints so I can make bigger, better, sweeter things.


I misread ‘Gek’ as ‘Gex’ and had a minor PTSD flashback.

The new and improved landscapes in this game… I’m in awe all over again.

They added in some behaviors to animals I’ve never seen before. I mentioned one of them above that was guarding a corpse, but I saw a few more yesterday. One predator actually pounced on a smaller herbivore and killed it. I’ve never seen animals attack one another before the patch. And one predator attacked me, so I shot it with my mining laser. Instead of it attacking until it died, it ran away. Like… off the map away. I’ve never seen a predator back off before after getting hurt. It’s small touches like this that are making the game so much better.


I’m also loving this update. Did they have stalking temperament animals before? That’s probably the creepiest I’ve come across is the animals that stalk. They just strafe around you like circling sharks. It’s pretty cool.

I haven’t been too blown away by any new environments though, but LOVE the new feature to can the planet to know what rare resources are on it. It’s helping with the base building quests immensely. I’m also finding myself finally naming planets based off their resources for future reference which is nice that they could at least motivate me to do that.

We’all see how long I stick with it, but now that I have a base and a freighter there is so much for me to do I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.


Has anybody actually finished the atlas path? I have hammering away at that for the last few nights and I just keep collecting Atlas Stones going from Atlas Interface after Atlas Interface and I am just really hoping there is some pay off for this…




I literally just collected the last stone and I am about to turn them all in. This is gonna be amazing, right? … Right?




I don’t get it…