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No Man's Sky
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You forgot Battlefront.



Forgot what?


In your list of games that got trashed on the interwebs.


Yeah, Fallout 4 and Destiny?



I found some odd things this weekend.

Biggest dinosaur I’ve encountered (so far). He also wasn’t friendly. Go figure.

This dino took cat naps after I fed it. I’ve never seen that behavior before.
This guy.

This planet had some great views. Especially during storms.

This is the biggest fish I’ve seen. He definitely wanted to eat me, but settled for whatever was on the bottom of the lake.
And then I found my first atmosphere-less planet. It was quite majestical (Hunt for the Wilderpeople joke).
Reasons #12 and #13 on why this game needs a photo mode - see above.


I’ve been playing other, mostly newer, games lately, but fired this one up again last night. I had hit a dry spell on planets—like 6 in a row (or more) were barren, no life, no cool aesthetics, nothing worth mining, just plain boring. I tried showing this game off to my brother who was visiting, but all I could show him was… nothing.

Then last night I hit this thing:

It’s basically Dagobah. It never stops raining, has tons of cool plants, grass, etc and has more species on it to discover than I’ve ever seen. At one point there were 3 herds of distinctly separate herbivores grazing in one field, all looking unique and just inter-mingling, some super large and some that looked like small chicken with mouse heads and antlers. Plus, fish. And it has majestical landscapes.

I’m almost done with the Atlas path… just 2 more to go, but this planet is sucking up my time because I don’t want to leave.


I’m guessing most of you have seen this by now, but considering the drastically different opinions of this game here, I am curious what everyone thinks about it:

We all know that E3 trailers and really most pre-release footage is doctored and not usually representative of the actual gameplay experience, but did Hello Games take it too far?


I got what I expected. If we are going to investigate every game for not shipping with things promised, this is going to start a terrible precedent. Even games like GTA V will go under the microscope. Oh wait. Nobody is ever satisfied.


Just because you got what you expected doesn’t mean everyone else did and anecdotal evidence isn’t a valid enough reason to give Murray and Hello Games a pass. There were many things that they lied about, both directly and indirectly. I don’t know if that justifies something like this investigation, but this whole thing just brings back memories of Gearbox and Aliens: Colonial Marines, albeit I would argue no where as slimy.

Hell, even the king of bullshotting, Ubisoft, is generally upfront with what gets cut from their games.


Yeah. I just read the article. Hard to disagree with any of that.


Nothing to see here.



-drowning sounds-


Hello there, @T1T4Nz. You a No Man’s Sky fan?


Dang. That’ll get me back in.


After their radio silence this does have me very excited. I just hope they can continue to support the game with these kind of free updates. I am assuming they made enough money at launch, but with their reputation, I don’t see how they will be able to charge for DLC anytime soon, and with that expectation, I’m not sure how they can keep supporting this game?


I booted this up the other day, but had to shut if off before I was able to do anything.

I’m torn though, if want to just play creative mode to dink around, or actually try to do the base building while mining resources. It looks like there are machines you can build now to attach to a resource to mine it for you?

It just seems like the base building wouldn’t be very rewarding if it’s all unlimited, but then again, how much time do I really have to mine fricken rocks?


My decision is easy… I still need the Platinum trophy, so I can’t do creative mode.