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No Man's Sky
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C’mon man, that was uncalled for and a disproportionate response to him mentioning you by name. Let’s keep things civil, please.


The only difference I have heard of, but haven’t actually seen for myself is that the fighter ships, as well as your starter ship, has the leading target when you are dogfighting, but the freighter ships don’t have that? I don’t think that’s an upgrade either, unless I am wrong?



It’s okay. I pushed the joke too far.




GIFs, the ultimate conflict resolution





All these GIFs are what are the downfall of these once great forums.





Hey Smurf, if you hit the Options button right after hitting the Share button, it’ll remove the HUD from from your screenshots.


WHAAAT!?!?!??! I’ll have to try that. Until then, here’s another screenshot drop.

I hit a lot of dead planets in a row last night. It helped me with my Gold Discovery Trophy, but there wasn’t a ton to do other than take screenshots. Even with no life, they had some picturesque landscapes.

Then I hit a couple with lots of water and some cool looking fish.

Hey, look! RIVERS! Take that Reddit list!


I like this “review.”

Also, I finally had my fill of negativity on NeoGAF and ended up posting this in one of the few positive NMS threads, but I thought some of you may enjoy reading my lapse into insanity:

Do NOT go into the newest thread (it starts with “Previously Recorded”). The children of GameFAQs’ most notorious trolls are literally throwing themselves a party at the latest NMS bashing video on YouTube, patting each other on the backs and wiping away tears of laughter at how clever they all are.

For me, I love the game. Yeah, it has flaws. Yeah, some things mentioned in previews and interviews didn’t make it into the game. But I do NOT want to live in a world where a game like No Man’s Sky doesn’t exist. I don’t want Indie devs to look at the beating Hello Games is getting right now and hold back from doing something different and creative. I don’t want Indie devs to only make safe, cookie-cutter games and litter the online stores with derivative, cheap clones of popular franchises for years to come. I want them to take chances like this, use new tech, invent new games and let their imaginations run wild.

The people storming the forums with pitchforks and spitballs are damaging their own industry by basically telling Indie devs not to dare try something new, because if you fail, we will beat you down mercilessly.

I’m almost at the point where I want to drop NeoGAF from my daily routine for the next few weeks until this hate and vitriol dies down. Seeing this many posts created each day tearing NMS to shreds is a bit overwhelming. Maybe Phil Spencer can do an interview tomorrow so everyone can have something new to talk about and fill page 1 with something different.


NeoGAF and similar forums are all a giant cesspool of negativity. Why anyone go there voluntarily, outside of being able to read “exclusive” leaks, makes no sense to me.


Leaks and news—That’s why I go there, but sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me.


That’s why I just stick to Reddit. Leaks and news get posted there almost immediately after being posted on NegGAF and the negative posts usually get downvoted into oblivion, which I don’t even see unless I go fishing for them.

Being harsh towards NMS has become somewhat of a circlejerk on Reddit, but most top rated posts are just reasonable people voicing their disappointment that Hello Games decided to be so coy and somewhat misleading about NMS, not that games like NMS shouldn’t exist or that devs shouldn’t try new things.

NMS is just the new thing to hate, as was Fallout 4 before it and Destiny before that. Within the next few months, I doubt most people will even care to remember the NMS hate-train. For video games in today’s online society, it’s just the circle of life.