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Sad to hear some of you hating this game, but it’s not unexpected. It really isn’t for everyone. But I’m still having a blast just exploring, taking screenshots, Sac Venom farming, etc… I had one friend ask me if he should buy this and I basically told him, “knowing the games you play and like… no. You won’t enjoy this at all.” On the other hand, this is right up my alley. Just a relaxing way to spend a few hours. I can see getting bored of this eventually, going back to Battlefront or Last Guardian when it ships, but then come back for more exploration.

Anyhoo… here are some of my latest shots:
On this planet: Sac Venom as far as the eye can see.
My first ocean planet. Too bad it was completely lifeless.
It got a little brisk at night. And silly me, I forgot my shawl in the cockpit.
One of the taller aliens I’ve encountered. This photo really doesn’t do it justice.
I spent way too much time on this planet.

And all of these photos are clear examples of why this game needs a Photo Mode. Just look at all that clutter messing up my shots.


I definitely didn’t hate it, and can see the appeal. Heck, clearing points on the map or marking off checklists is a big part of why I love open-world games like GTA and Assassin’s Creed. It just didn’t light a fire in me like I hoped it would, and I don’t want to force myself to play something I just plopped $60 down on when there’s a hug backlog of games I’d rather play waiting for me. I love looking at the screenshots and even loved exploring myself, it just doesn’t seem worth the investment right now. Like I said, I’ll probably end up buying it again some day if it goes on sale.

Maybe a bit more time with it would raise my interest level, admittedly. I could see trading up to a better ship and becoming a pirate being pretty fun, but the gameplay side of it was just a bit too tedious.


Here’s a fantastic discussion about it:

The part I really agree with is that this is NO LESS than a good game. Reading people’s hyperbolic statements about how the game sucks was quite the drag last week. The game does not suck. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely does not suck. I hate GTA games, but I would never claim that they suck. They just aren’t for me. Why am I ranting about this? The people this is directed at are on NeoGAF, not here… anyhoo…

Up until yesterday, I felt like I was taking too long and lagging behind everyone. I was seeing screenshots of people with amazing ships and making huge leaps towards the center. Then I found the money planet. I am planning on sitting on this planet for another few hours, farming, so that the next Space Station I arrive at, I’ll be able to buy whatever I want. My ship will have a huge inventory and a sweet warp drive and I’ll still have credits left over. I made 2 million credits in an hour and that’s because I wasn’t doing it correctly. I can not wait to get back to my ship. It’s like that feeling when I found diamond in Minecraft for the first time… or the glitched out clay in the X360 version.

This game needs a few things to make it truly epic.

  1. Photo Mode. How this game shipped without one is beyond me.
  2. Leaderboards. Show me who has found the most Sac Venom in the world and amongst my friends.
  3. A way to view your friends discoveries. Like, imagine a Passport feature where every time you land on a new planet it takes a screenshot and throws it into a scrapbook-looking thing (but higher tech) with the planet’s name and a few of the species you’ve discovered next to it. And then a way to add your own screenshots. And then a way to view other people’s passports. I’m enjoying naming every planet something ridiculous, but if nobody in the world ever sees that planet, then who cares?
  4. Base building. Which is coming.
  5. Ship customization. I’d love to add some decals or paint to my ship.
  6. NPCs that walk around.
  7. And some way to see all of my available blueprints without having to have an open slot available. There should be a journal where it stores all of the things I can craft and what materials I need for each one.


This game needs a lot of things to justify the AAA price tag…


Not to be rude, but I hate statements like that. It’s quickly becoming my biggest pet peeve when people discuss games.


So is waiting for the “rest of the game” to ship post-launch.

No Man’s Sky is not a terrible game by any means, but for myself and a lot of others, the $60 price is a pretty big issue. For a “AAA” title, the gameplay loop is incredibly bare bones and downright aggravating at times. If this was equivalently priced to an early-access or mid-tier game, I don’t think it would have received this much disdain.

I wanted something more than having to shoot rocks for hours on end just to go to another planet to shoot more rocks. I wanted to be able to do something with the creatures I come across outside of naming them for credits. I wanted to be able to have a reason to explore planets other than to follow waypoints to the same copy-pasted POI over and over again. I wanted planets to have at least a little bit of variance with biomes rather than a massive one covering the entire surface. I wanted the possibility of a real threat to be present when exploring. These are all things that were alluded to by Murrary and company during press briefings, interviews and trailers, but were never expanded on or even clarified.

Maybe the game opens up more the further you get towards the center, but those first few hours are a complete slog.

EDIT: Also, if you melee and then hit your jetpack, you’ll boost forward, which is faster than running.


I just deleted my giant rant because I don’t want to turn this page into something you’d see on SG. I’ll just say, I love the melee + jetpack trick especially for running from Sentinels after harvesting Sac Venom.


All I have to say is that I’m glad I didn’t dip into my gaming budget for No Man’s Sky and I’ll likely be back to revisit it in the future, post patches and updates, because I still love the concept.

If they patch anything major, please, PLEASE let it be a patch that stops the AI from taking over the controls to your ship. Flying that thing anywhere near the surface is aggravating. MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST LET ME CRASH IF I WANT TO, GAME.


Actually, speaking of SG… I have this morbid, almost masochistic desire to want to visit there just to see the garbage posting, Debbie Downer-reactions to this game. On second thought… I’d rather punch myself in the crotch.


Everyone loves it. Sorry buddy.



Well, almost everybody.

Also you missed out on the opportunity of us co-oping those GIFs.


Last week was all about No Man’s Sky, as it finished in 1st place on the UK chart, became Sony’s 2nd biggest PlayStation 4 launch of all-time (behind Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End), and saw the biggest ever launch for a new Sony IP on PS4. Comparing No Man’s Sky to other new IP from all publishers on PlayStation platforms, No Man’s Sky sits in 5th behind Destiny (PS4), Watch Dogs (PS4), The Getaway (PS2), and The Last of Us (PS3).

And all that at $60. :wink: Not bad for an indie game.


That’s what happens when hype controls the spice flow.


I’m now the proud owner of a new copy of The Nathan Drake Collection. :smiley:


Alright, I’m sure I asked this before, but what do you find is the easiest way to get images/videos off your Playstation? I know I can upload to YouTube and the whole bit, but is there any easier way for images?


I upload to FB with a “Me Only” privacy setting.



It’s really the only thing I use FB for.