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A historical action game loosely based on the story of English samurai William Adams, as he helps slay the yokai that infest Sengoku-era Japan while hunting down a malicious alchemist.

First Released

February 7, 2017


PC, PlayStation 4


Team Ninja



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Attack of the Fanboy - Mike Guarino - 4.5 / 5 stars (PS4)

Team Ninja took their time to ensure that Nioh was as good as it could possibly be, and that time wasn’t wasted. The finished product is a fantastic action RPG that may borrow a lot from the Souls series, but nevertheless adds plenty of great twists to the formula to allow it to stand proudly on its own.

Critical Hit - Umar Bastra - Unscored (PS4)

It’s an absolutely engaging game that’s soul-crushing, yet addictive and satisfying. It’s still early days, but if it manages to keep up this pace, and the story doesn’t completely fall flat, then we could be looking at one of the best games this year and Team Ninja’s explosive comeback.

Destructoid - Chris Carter - 9 / 10 (PS4)

With its emphasis on challenging combat and light storytelling elements that are at times bordering on parody (in a good way), Nioh feels like a true successor to the Ninja Gaiden series and fills a nice void that Souls left behind. Did Team Ninja ever leave? Whatever the case might be, it’s back.

Eurogamer - Jeffrey Matulef - Recommended (PS4)

This delicious blend of Ninja Gaiden and Dark Souls isn’t quite a masterpiece, but it’s a stirring return to form for Team Ninja.

Game Informer - Daniel Tack - 9 / 10 (PS4)

A dazzling mix of challenging boss encounters, terrifying enemies, and freedom to engage in side-missions and multiplayer create a dynamite fusion of intense fun

Push Square - John Cal McCormick - 8 / 10 (PS4)

Nioh is about as approachable as a game of this ilk can be, and while that may offend the hardcore sensibilities of some Souls fans, it’s a title that will likely appeal to many players who want a gameplay challenge but are turned off by the obtuse nature of Dark Souls’ storytelling and the murky explanations of its mechanics. The experience is marred by some unfortunate difficulty spikes and lacklustre bosses, but the rich loot, levelling systems, and fast, often thrilling combat do more than enough to justify Nioh as a worthy contemporary to From Software’s efforts – and an impressive return to form for Team Ninja.

Stevivor - Steve Wright - 8 / 10 (PS4)

While veteran Souls players may find this somewhat Mickey Mouse, the differences between the franchises will still find enough to keep all players engaged. Nioh borrows – and quite liberally, at that — from a number of different franchises, but that combination makes it quite unique. The Dark Souls for those of us who hate Dark Souls, it’s certainly one to give a try. You won’t be an expert instantly, but you’ll certainly want to come back for more.

TheSixthAxis - Dave Irwin - Unscored (PS4)

Overall, I’m really happy with how the game has turned out thus far, and it’s certainly a game that a Souls fan should be paying attention to.

USgamer - John Learned - 4 / 5 stars (PS4)

Nioh is Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja taking a more measured approach to what they do best, and is a surprisingly feature-heavy and battle-focused heir to the Soulsborne method. But it ultimately stands on its own, and is a worthy addition to any Action RPG library.

GameSpot - Miguel Concepcion - Review-In-Progress (PS4)

Given the varying degrees of hardships I’ve encountered up to this point, I can’t wait to see what devious tricks the remaining bosses have up their sleeves as I forge through the rest of the game.

TrustedReviews - Stuart Andrews - 4 / 5 stars (PS4)

Nioh can’t match the gothic grandeur of a Dark Souls and the boss battles may give you nightmares for all the wrong reasons. All the same, by merging aspects of From Software’s classics with elements of its own ninja hits, Team Ninja has crafted its finest game in years. Nioh is every bit as compulsive and challenging as its inspiration, but is smart enough to add some interesting new twists. Love Dark Souls? Love samurai, ninjas and weird oriental fantasy? Jump onboard and prepare to die, cry and experience the magic in-between.

Gadgets 360 - Rishi Alwani - 8 / 10 (PS4)

On the surface, Nioh is a compelling take on a sub genre of role-playing games created by the Souls games and its ilk. However by putting stamina at the core of its combat and thoughtfully borrowing mechanics from other titles, it results in a game that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Whether you’re a Souls veteran or have a passing interest in such games, Nioh is well worth checking out.

IGN - Chloi Rad - 9 / 10 (PS4) *Provisional Score

I haven’t yet talked about everything there is to do and see in Nioh, but so far it’s all been consistently engaging and fun: its online features, sub-missions, and all its myriad details and quality-of-life elements that make it such a solid and polished experience. I need to spend more time to complete the main campaign to honestly evaluate it as a whole, but if I had to score Nioh now, I would give it a 9.0.

God is a Geek - Chris White - Review-In-Progress (PS4)

Certain elements of the game may sound very familiar to other series by certain Japanese developers, but Nioh not only takes the best of what has come before – it makes it better. Managing your Ki and your health, juggling all of your attacks, magic, and weaponry, and trying not to get killed for the millionth time is a thrill, full of genuinely incredible moments.

Playstation Universe - Garri Bagdasarov - 9.5 / 10 (PS4)

Nioh’s development began in 2004. After having to scrap the game once and start development from scratch, it’s amazing to see Team Ninja deliver a near-perfect title. Everything that Nioh does is masterfully crafted and balanced exactly the way a video game should be. If you’re a fan of action/adventure games, Nioh is a must-own. Hell, if you are a fan of video games, I can’t recommend Nioh enough.

CGMagazine - Brendan Quinn - 9 / 10 (PS4)

Team Ninja knocks it out of the park with their take on Samurai Dark Souls.

SA Gamer - Charles Small - 9.1 / 10 (PS4)

It’s brutally hard, punishing and unforgiving, but man is it satisfying, and pretty.

Next-Gen Gaming Blog - Andrew Beeken - 9 / 10 (PS4)

A more accessible yet still challenging take on the tried and tested Souls-like Action RPG, Nioh adds enough nuance and depth to the formula to make it feel fresh and provide a new challenge for players coming out of the back of last year’s Dark Souls 3. With a compelling story, bright visuals and new and interesting locales to visit, Nioh is a must have for Action RPG fans.

Dualshockers - Giuseppe Nelva - 9 / 10 (PS4)

Team Ninja’s latest labor of love is packed with charm, atmosphere, and one of the best action battle systems that you’ll find across the industry.


Huh. I played the demo a while back and hated it, but I really didn’t give it a chance because it just seemed like a bad take on souls with even more jank. At the same time, I don’t think I have the patience for souls games anymore, so my opinion is a bit skewed.


$20, $16 with GCU. This has been on my radar for awhile, although I don’t know why since as I said above, don’t think i have the time or patience for souls games anymore. Anybody happen to pick this one up?


Never mind, found my answer. I thought I remember Jeff playing this. So, worth it at $16?