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Nintendo Switch
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A buddy of mine who flips games/hardware had one of these laying around so I decided to take it off his hands, despite my wife’s logical advice, so we’ll see how this goes.


You going to play this with all your free time or just some of it?


The way I look at it, my son is almost 1, the older he gets, the closer he gets to sharing this activity with dear old pops, so I’m really just investing in the future “dreamers” (sorry, I couldn’t help myself), but yeah, that’s how I’m justifying it.


Bold move with a 1 year old. I thought it was bold when I tried it with a 5 year old.


Mario+Rabbids is a fun game. The majority of the first world is incredibly easy, but the difficulty definitely ramps up after that. If you have a Switch, it’s worth checking out.


Wow. I’m really digging the art style here. The demo is on the Switch store now. I’ll be checking it out later today.


Cardboard huh?


I’m in, I just wish my son was a little bit older so I’m not the only one playing with these cardboard contraptions. As a Dad with three sons, how long do you think those cardboard toys will last between them?


HD-2D looks awesome, but Bimble, tell me the last turn based combat game you have enjoyed? …that’s what I thought. Let me bite this bullet for you and I’ll let you know how I survived.


I’ll spend 30 minutes building the cardboard contraption just to have it destroyed in 2.


"Fuck VR, it’s all about CRbRD!


Whoopsie doodle.