Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
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Figured it was time to promote this to it’s own topic, even if it will just be me and @ChristopheLeFou here for the long haul.

Odd part about the March announcement is:

For a system coming out in March, I sure hope they are showing a lot more than Zelda.

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I am guessing they’ll have their own “event” around the time of E3 or soon after to promote NX officially. Nintendo’s been weird about E3 in recent years anyway.

As strange as a March console launch is (missing holiday craziness), I am super okay with it. I didn’t want to have to choose between PSVR and a new console, so this gives me enough time in between to justify both purchases. I’ll buy it day one because I’m not a smart consumer.

Yep, I waited in an empty parking lot of a Target in New Ulm for the Wii U, so I’ll be right there with you.

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I want to play Mario Kart, but I don’t want to own a Nintendo console. Help me, Reggie.

What, are you networking for Reggie now?

Just so everyone knew who I was talking about.

Oh, I think everyone knows…

Crap, couldn’t get collapse tag to work.

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Their release date is less than a year away from E3 and the NX is going to be a no-show? That seems like such a bad move, but like @ChristopheLeFou mentioned, they’ve been super weird about E3 lately.

Still, the Wii and Wii U were both shown off over a year in advance of their releases.

I think these companies are taking note of Apple’s approach. Why compete amongst the noise of E3 when you can hold your own event where everyone will be talking about your product?

Nintendo doesn’t really compete with anyone though. I think it’s them just passing on E3 pressers after realizing most of their previous ones were rather embarrassing.

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What is this? A controller for ants? How are we supposed to play multiplayer games if we can’t even find the buttons?

Sorry. That’s the first thing that popped into my mind watching grown adults holding only half the controller trying to play. Other than that though… looks pretty nifty. I think they are onto something here.

I think Nintendo overestimates how much people actually want to play games on a standard console outside of their living room. I have a 3DS and Pokemon for road trips and flights, I don’t need to carry something bigger.

The only practical use I can think of is to _Switch_™ when taking a dump.

Also lol @ Skyrim without blood.

I look forward to seeing those on my train in the morning.

I honestly doubt you will.

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I just don’t understand what they are doing anymore.