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You know what he means. In a post opportunistic, potential conflict of interest, Fortnite world.


Looks like the next Halo game will have split-screen!



Initiating your own heal introduces tactical gameplay decision-making opportunities: players can disengage from combat and heal up or players can rush an unsuspecting opponent who may be healing himself. These are things that introduce a more tactical pace to the game, where instead of simply losing to the person who shoots first, you may be able to survive a gun fight with smart maneuvering.
Players manually trigger their healing process with a dedicated button… This becomes as second-nature as reloading your weapon. Note that the button works on a cooldown, so you won’t be able to heal yourself immediately, you’ll need to wait until you’re powered up again. This takes 8 seconds and then you can heal again. That goes down to about 4 seconds if you select the STIM PACK in your Gear slot in Create a Class.