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I think it’s worth watching. It’s a bit cheesy and melodramatic with cheap looking CGI but the setting is interesting and the characters are really good. I haven’t started season 3 so I’m not sure if the show abruptly stops on a cliffhanger. I read rumors about talk of a movie to end the series on a good note but not sure where that’s at.

Also, a reminder of how ahead of it’s time the show was: people playing the game could influence certain aspects of or decisions made in the show. It’s too bad the neither the game nor the series had that much support from players and viewers because both were really fun.






shrugs shoulders


Making exactly the same mistake they did with Lawbreakers?




Of course, everything needs a battle royale mode these days.


Agree. But boy would I welcome that.

I can argue that the DLC “Survival” for The Division is a battle royale just mostly with NPC’s. I would love to see that expanded on to include more actual players as opposed to just 16.


So how many battle royale games/gamemodes should we be expecting at E3?

Answer: Probably too many.


I’d be ok with this. Mainly because I think it would have some polish to it.





Cliff Bleszinski, the Dark Souls of game developers.


So when is he going to recover his lost souls?


He’s gotta wait for the rest of his employees to die before recovering all them souls.


Black Ops 4

  • No Single Player
  • MP
  • Zombies
  • Battle Royale

I’m curious how they’ll pull off the battle royale with the TTK CoD is known for. Dying from a few shots will not make a fun experience.


I’m curious to see how these bigger developers/publishers handle the Battle Royale.