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News Dump Truck
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I’m guessing anybody who cares has already purchased it, but figured I would mention it anyways



So the fact that they started as mp only and added an amazing solo campaign to their sequel just means they will strip that out of the third now to focus more on loot crates?


History repeating itself?


Watch out, Respawn!


Thought this was somewhat interesting.



Jesus. I really don’t mind loot boxes. I’m at the stage in my gaming life that I just play for fun and still believe in the “Indian, nit the arrows” mind set. But this sounds awful. Nit being able to share upgrades amongst your cars is crazy. Just crazy.


Nit wit.



Right after they ported the game to consoles and released Thor DLC too.


That is a real dick move. People spent money on that. I spent money on that.


So did a lot of other people.


This loot box thing is getting more serious than I thought it would.

And now the state of Hawaii is getting in on it as well.

Disney ain’t gonna like Star Wars being likened to Joe Camel.


December 31st? Nah, how about the Friday after Thanksgiving.



That would be tempting considering the only one I have played so far is still Demon Souls.