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That’s funny, considering MS requested that crossplay between PC and XB1 be turned off:




On the topic of Phil Spencer.


After The Last Guardian, I can’t wait for this.


Project X was revealed today. A 400 player “battle royale” with dynamic maps, weather, and player progression. Aiming to be out in 2018


And here they come for a piece of the PUBG pie. I heard Fortnight has a battle royale mode now too.


400 people? Fuck that. Game probably won’t even make it’s release date. Oh wait, everything’s on the cloud.

H1Z1 did it first, PUBG did it best and now all the ‘Battle Royale’ copycats come out of the woodwork. Just like MOBAs and arena shooters before it.


Fortnight does have it. Its in beta now but going live soon.


Rumors going around that Tom Clancy is getting into the Battle Royale game using the upcoming free to anyone Wildland MP beta as a way to measure interest level. Its a free beta even if you don’t own the game. I guess it was originally part if the season pass but has since been delayed and retooled to more of an open world setting and will now be free and not tied to the season pass.


Honestly, if a developer that has enough resources behind it ends up making a PUBG copycat but makes an effort to keep it as bug free as possible and not milk the ever-loving fuck out of having it become the next “big thing” on Twitch, I’d probably be okay with it.


And it’s going to be FREE this month.


No thanks.









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