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News Dump Truck
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Add a VR portion to the game where you can tour your created park from a Jeep and that would get me to buy a headset.




I guess the Half-Life writer leaked the outline for Half-Life 3? He changed some names to avoid legal action.


At least we have some form of closure…




Looks like it’s time for me to finally pick up Yakuza 0 and Kiwami.


Any good sales out there? I’ve been avoiding watching GB cover 0 because I have wanted to pick it up, just a bad time of year to do that.


None that I’ve come across. Maybe we’ll see something pop up around Labor Day weekend on Amazon or something.


Well this sure came out of left field.


Huh? with a side of Meh


L.A. Noire for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One delivers the complete original game and all additional downloadable content with a range of technical enhancements for greater visual fidelity and authenticity, including enhanced lighting and clouds, new cinematic camera angles, high resolution textures and more. Plays natively in 1080p for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, and stunning 4K for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, these versions capture the grit and grime of the City of Angels like never before.


Hmmmmm…I rather enjoyed this game. But I’ll wait and see what folks say.

EDIT: Wonder if they will have online play ala GTA/RDR. If so then it’s a no brainer.


I think I have it X360 but never played it. This is a buy for me.




Never got the chance to play Okami. It’s one I’d like to, for sure.


“What is that picture” you may be asking? It’s showing that currently in the game Fortnite there is a bug which is allowing Xbox One players to play against PS4 players. Now to see if either MS or Sony shut this down, because apparently this was a glitch at launch and MS quickly put the kibosh on it.

More evidence:


It’s funny that it literally just takes the flip of a switch for this to happen, but Sony is the one being the stick in the mud.