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Serious. Seeing this pisses me off. Why? Because EA needs to get on the fucking ball and partner with Fantasy Flight and make the Star Wars Card Game and X-Wing miniature happen.

I’ve never played a Witcher game but this looks awesome.


I know it’s the hipster choice, but how great would it have been if they reverted to that logo from the 80’s instead?






Another big name at Valve leaves.

Marc Laidlaw, Erik Wolpaw, Chet Falizek, and now Jay Pinkerton. The guy who wrote the Half-Life games is gone, the guy who wrote the Portal games is gone, the guy who wrote Team Fortress and the comics is gone.

Basically the only thing Valve is doing now, outside of raking in piles of cash from Steam, is playing with VR and making DotA emotes.


That’s probably why they’re leaving…




I almost feel like we should have a separate section for trailers that are hardly newsworthy, but worth posting in the off chance someone might actually give a damn.


E3 thread?


Yeah, but I’m also talking more long term


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Ok. Now you’re doing it just to annoy me. We have an E3 thread!!!


Yeah, at least mine wasn’t titled E3 2017 Exclusive Trailer. Jeez, Jeff…