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I hear the next Tomb Raider is going to involve robot dinosaurs.



I mean, what else is the next step after shooting so many regular dinosaurs with dual Deagles?


Whelp, the next Assassin’s Creed game is unofficially official.

Reportedly from the same team that did Black Flag.


Looks like Black Flag 2



That’s interesting timing as I believe Brad was just talking on the Bombcast about how he hasn’t heard much about Hitman for awhile. Even for himself, where it’s all he could think about for the longest time, hasn’t had an interest in going back to it for sometime. I never got around to picking it up, but I really liked what they were doing with their episodic content. I just hope this doesn’t stifle other devs from following suite?



Complete with robot spiders?


The creators of Wild West Online expect to launch a $250,000 Kickstarter at the end of the month, with stretch goals tied to additional funding.

Is it bad that as soon as I see Kickstarter I’m immediately dismissive?


I know there is a lot of love for PaRappa, and in some circles, Gitaroo Man, but I personally don’t have any nostalgia for either. Does this announcement do anything for anyone else?


Random, but ok.


Well, we have a logo.




I haven’t seen anywhere that says if it’s CGI or live action.


I doubt it’ll be CGI. Too expensive if they want to make it realistic, and people would probably be turned off if it’s too cartoony.





Beat me by a minute.

Looks like rumors of fighting a cult in Montana are true.


If there are some characters named Bundy in there I’m gonna laugh.