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After finding the Dev Diary on that game it sounds like Rainbow Six Siege


Not Patriots? From the tone of that trailer, I would expect much more Patriots, which I would welcome, for any dev that has the balls to pull it off.


It was described as a tactical FPS that puts you in the boots of an elite SWAT unit that operates in close quarter situations. Or something like that.


That’s the vibe I got after watching the video.


Reaching down to a lone slumping kid, opening a cargo container full of malnourished, human trafficked “skeletons”, whatever other disturbing moments that I don’t remember…that sounds like they are posturing this as much more than a tactical, multiplayer shooter, but I could have just misinterpreted.


Ready or Not is a tactical first person shooter which places you in the boots of an elite SWAT team, tasked with diffusing hostile situations in intense, claustrophobic environments. It’s set in a nondescript modern America, where an income disparity between the classes have become unsustainable and the country has been plunged into havoc. Bring order to chaos with up to 8 players in cooperative play, battle enemy squads in a close player-vs-player environment, or command AI in a striking single-player mode.

All missions begin with a tactical analysis and planning phase, currently allowing teams to shut off power grids, blockade entrances, create or choose new entry points, and spawn unique devices including ballistic shields, heavy rams, and telescopic ladders.

Soooooooo…RB6 Siege basically.


I’ll have to take your word for it, I don’t read bold italics


Soooooooo… pass.


According to one of the three developers making the game, it’s more SWAT 4 than Rainbow Six and has an actual single-player campaign planned if the game is received well during early access. They said they’d also like to bring it to consoles in the future if there is interest.


Ahh, whaaa?


Looks vury purdy at the very least.


Next Far Cry game is rumored to be western themed.


So they want to compete with Red Dead 2?


No thanks. I, like millions others, will just play RDR2.


I’ll be playing the shit out of RDR2, but I’m not gonna turn down more western style games. The Call of Jaurez games were fantastic for what they were. Well, except for that shit ass third one that took place in modern times yet still had cowboys…

I’m a little hesitant with it being a Far Cry game, but if it surprises enough people I’ll probably pick it up on sale.