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I’m too lazy to read article, but what example to they give for great Sony exclusive IPs other than Horizon?


Microsoft has certainly produced some good games. I loved Halo 5, and was satisfied with Gears of War 4. ReCore is creative and Forza always fills the racing niche better than its rivals. I think Sunset Overdrive was a promising new IP that didn’t get enough love. Dead Rising and State of Decay are uh, adequate zombie franchises.

But the list sort of peters out there, and the only game there I would actually consider can’t-miss is probably Halo. If you flip to Sony, you have Until Dawn, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Last Guardian, Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn, with The Last of Us 2 and God of War 4 up ahead. And most of these aren’t just good. Many of the released titles are Game of the Year contenders in some capacity, which is something I don’t think anyone has said lately about Gears 4 or Halo Wars 2 outside of die-hard Xbox fans.

EDIT: Another important bit.

Sony also does not have a problem encouraging its partners and in-house developers to work on whatever the hell they want to work on. That’s how you get Bloodborne from Souls’ From Software or Until Dawn from Little Big Planet helper Supermassive or Horizon Zero Dawn from Killzone’s Guerrilla. While it’s unclear if this is exactly how this played out, it stands to reason that say, Bungie wanted to work on something new with Destiny, but Microsoft valued Halo more than it did Bungie, so it didn’t pay Bungie enough to stay and it went to Activision. While Microsoft got to keep Halo, it’s missing out on exclusive access to one of the most beloved new IPs of this generation as a result.


They forgot to mention Detroit, Spider-man, Days Gone, Dreams and KNACK 2!!!


There’s even more than that. Take a look at the current differences between PS4 and XB1 (be sure to only have Full, Platform and Console toggled on).


Those lists are slightly misleading if you live in the states because you really should be ignoring [import] and more than likely [pending], but even with those taken out, it’s pretty crazy how lopsided that is.


Yeah, I was going to mention to ignore imports, as there’s no toggle for it, but still crazy lopsided like you said.


There are so many PS4 games I’m looking forward to, I managed to forget Uncharted Lost Legacy and Death Stranding.








This one has commercials—not sure if they’ll be skippable.


Turok, you say…? MMMmm…reasonable skeet

By the by, I would love a Timeslitters (lol typo…slittters.) remake with ‘better’ controls and infinitely less motion sickness.




Is that why he left Giantbomb?




Gamestop Closing 100+ Stores

Not surprised… brick and mortar stores are quickly becoming obsolete.


Blizzard also announced that it was issuing a new update to StarCraft: Brood War this week, which will include some bug fixes and anti-cheat measures, but will also make StarCraft Anthology (which includes StarCraft and Brood War) available to download for free.

The game will be made available for Windows and Mac, although the precise release date and pricing hasn’t been made available just yet.