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Kind of interesting read regarding the incentives of GameStop owners, and as result the employees, to not sell new games. It doesn’t really effect me at all, and I’m sure there have been programs similar to this before, but it’s petty shitty for the unknowing parent going in to a GameStop to by a new game for their kid.


So the Circle-of-Life mantra isn’t anything new to the company; when I was hired in 2006 it was basically just a cyclical flowchart of sorts to get employees to understand how GameStop earns profit. Preorders lead to new purchases, which lead to trade-ins, which lead to subscriptions and then wrap back around to preorders.

This news doesn’t surprise me at all considering GameStop’s history towards it’s grunt workers, but at the same time still strikes me as a tad out-of-left-field due to their attitude change towards performance numbers around 2012/13.

GameStop can’t keep up with the sales methods of non-specialized stores and online retailers anymore and as a former employee I can’t wait to see it finally disappear. Not because of how they “rip-off” customers (let’s be honest, no one forces you to go to GS) but because of how they abuse their employees.



Was this a rumor previously? I guess I thought we already knew they were working on a Star Wars game.


I believe the partnership was previously announced at E3, but I think this is the first time they’re revealing anything specific about it.


In the E3 video where it was announced that Respawn was now part of the SW team you can notice that the folks interviewed from Respawn have the Clone Wars era Jedi Order symbol by their names. So a lot of folks are thinking they are working on a game from that era,

This symbol


Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!



Well, they had to do something. I hope this gives it the shot in the arm it needs, as I am a relic that still wants these kind of conventions to prosper, as obsolete as they have become.


Wow, that’s going to be a SHITSHOW. The lines were already long enough without public access…

I didn’t read the article but I’m guessing they’ll still have/have even more media exclusive events/access/passes than before. Otherwise if you’re there to cover it, there’s no way you’ll have enough time/access to be able to write anything up.



Is that good or bad?


So, the article states they are losing ground to Sprint due to their unlimited plan, so in order to compete, they create an unlimited plan, but price it twice as high as Sprint?!?!?! Did I read that correctly?


I guess I’ll be sticking with Sprint.


Bad I take it.


Anybody want to see if they can use my invite to the Fortnite alpha? I guess I signed up for it but its for PC and Mac, so it’s useless to me.


Cool, I hadn’t heard anything about this game in quite a while and assumed it was dead. I’m glad to see it’s still alive. Now, if only I had a capable PC…