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Did anyone pick up a NES Classic?


I think I will pick one up soon. We just hooked the n64 up to the main tv after visiting up-down last night so I figure then next natural progression is to get a Classic. I’ll let you know if I do, and if so, how it is.


My TV is way too far from my couch to own a console with wired controllers. When they come out with adapters I’ll consider it.


And it looks like if you didn’t get one at launch you might have to wait until December, if not next year. So it doesn’t look like I will be giving you impressions anytime soon.


Same here. Although sitting right in front of the TV adds to the nostalgia of playing a NES, it’s just something I feel like doing at my.


I was all set on buying one, but then I realized I can just download all manner of emulators on my PC that’s hooked up to the TV already and I can use the XBone controller. So yeah, nostalgia almost got me, but logic won out.


Pfft. Your PC doesn’t look like a cute, mini NES though. What does your “logic” think about that!?


I agree with Bimble on this one. As someone who already set the precedence with amiibos, your logic is extremely flawed.


That reminds me, anyone want to buy all of my Amiibos?

The other reality at play in this case is my better half and I are planning a move in the next few years that requires cutting back on spending and saving lots of pennies.

Natural me:

Goal me:


Oh yeah? Where are you planning to move to? I’m finishing my basement so I will be coming across some extra room, but I can’t afford your amiibos, unfortunately.


Out of state. Most likely Portland or Denver if I decide I want to keep the job. Maybe TN if I decide to change it all up and start fresh. Who knows. It’ll be years out at the earliest anyway.


Wow, that’s awesome. I’ve always wanted to uproot and move to the west coast, but with the kid now, don’t think that will be happening. I’m not a huge family man, but holy crap am I grateful to have them around with an infant.


Uhhh… NSFW.


Seems that the remaster of Assassin’s Creed 2 isn’t that good…