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I played the game a couple years ago on a friends N64 and it did not age well. Maybe this version will bring back the happy memories?


That’s been around for the past decade in some form of beta or another. It’s alright. I mean, if you really, really love GoldenEye 64, then you’ll probably enjoy messing around with it for a little while, but it has practically zero long lasting appeal, at least for me.








I still haven’t played the original, but own it on PS3. Was hoping to get a free PS4 port, but guessing that won’t happen.


Wasteland 2 might be one of my biggest regrettable purchases that I’ve made in recent memory, but I think I’ll stilll keep my eye on this.


Really? I’ve had my eye on it since it came out but still waiting for it to drop below…$20? I think that was it. What’s wrong with ot?


There are parts of the game I enjoyed, like being able to tackle missions from practically every conceivable angle, but a lot of it felt like it was built on nostalgia and nothing else; as an example the beginning is incredibly boring, even off-putting at times, if you’re not a hardcore Wasteland fan and don’t know characters or events from the first game.

So yeah, the characters and the narrative didn’t do anything for me and I didn’t find the art direction to be all that great, everything looked extremely dull and boring. The combat was okay, but nowhere as smooth or precise as XCOM (this was on PC, I thought the WL2 controls on console were god-awful) Heck, even the combat in Fallout 1 and 2 feels better to me.

When put alongside other isometric, turn-based combat games that use a grid system, Wasteland 2 just feels vastly inferior to titles like XCOM and Divinity: Original Sin.


Fair enough. Looks like waiting for it to drop lower than $20 has paid off for me!


I enjoyed the beta and it was really fun with a good room. But there was no way I was paying $60 for it and, while I always kept it in mind, felt like I played enough even when the price dropped to $20. I will definitely be playing it when it goes FTP.





INB4 cowboy themed GTA5 DLC.


Just started a proper topic for this. Let the jizz flow