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Love the concept, but I already have a Wii U for that kind of stuff.


They also said that you will not be able to download more games in the future. Pass.


Yeah, it is frustrating how many different ways they try to get you to repurchase old Nintendo classics. Especially when their DRM is so outdated. It’s hard to support that model, but at $60, this is still tempting.


Heartbreaking. :cry:


Heartwarming :sunny:






Both Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Alliance 2 will be available digitally on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam starting July 26th for $39.99 each or as a bundle together for $59.99.


$40 each? And these are just ports, not even a remastered version!?!? WTF? Cool! Were there any changes from the original games?

Mike Jones: We wanted these re-releases to be as faithful to the original Ultimate Alliance games as possible—the definitive versions. However, the team did work really hard on improving performance, some UI and graphic enhancements as well as making the games compatible with modern platform features on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. They play really smooth.



A portable where you have to carry around cartridges!!! So… one step forward, three steps back. The Nintendo way.


Why the hell are we talking about cartridges in 2016 ?


Per usual Nintendo, this is a baffling direction to go.

Per usual Chris, this is a guaranteed day 1 purchase.



Command + F “PS4”…

Not found.


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you can hack a mouse and keyboard control for console games that specifically block it, but I didn’t really think of the implications until reading this article. The one thing that really bothers me about Overwatch are the compromises they have to make on console to make it a similar experience on PC by adding aim assist, etc. If you can play console Overwatch with a mouse hack, then wtf, why even play competitively? Not that I had any intention to, but this really seals the deal.


Easy AI don’t hack mice and keyboards, brah.


You are right, they don’t do much of anything really.


I haven’t played recently, but I assume Easy AI is still the classic way to play Overwatch?