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I agree for the most part, but that particular issue is because of Nintendo, not YouTube.


Man, stop having valid counter arguments to everything I say! Just let me be right for once!



Correct my spelling of counterargument, I dare you!



MUA 1 and 2 were awesome back-in-the-day. I doubt I’d buy and play them again though.


Not sure if any of you care, but Austin Walker apparently announced on the live stream recently that he is leaving Giant Bomb to pursue other opportunities. He was a big reason why I favored the Beastcast over the Bombcast, so I am not happy about him leaving, but I do wish him the best of luck. The selfish part of me is so fricken bummed about this though.


I really hope they find a replacement with just as much interest in obscure Japanese games and Gundam as Austin had.


I just hope they find a person as open-minded and insightful as he was. He never took anything at face value, and was always willing to try something new, which is unfortunately not always the case at GB.


Well, that was quick.


Oh, I thought he was quitting to pursue his PhD and whatnot.


Didn’t know where to say this… but looks like Hulu dropped the ball with CW and Netflix is now looking to get into a deal with the CW in order to put up full seasons, two weeks after the shows is off the air. This sucks for people like me…

This means I either watch the DC shows at the end of the season or I watch it on the CW app as the week goes on with commercials that turn 42 minutes worth of show into about 70.

Could be a huge win for Netflix because they are then deeply embedded with both Marvel AND DC.

Hulu seems to have lost out on negotiation because they wanted to have more than just 5 episodes per active season.

I think Netflix will just throw money at the CW and deal will be done.



Usenet is my streaming provider.


Nice eggplant buddy.

I think “streaming provider” will get me divorced if her Verizon account gets her another email full of fancy legal words and such nonsense.


It’s way more secure and anonymous than torrenting.


EDIT: I changed my mind, and I would rather just avoid politics all together.


CNN, where the term “Mass Shooting” doesn’t mean what it actually means. All “injuries” are being reported to be from police tear gas and the shooter apparently had a gun filled with blanks or something and is the only one actually injured because he’s dead.



My Litigious Sense is tingling.