New Comic Book Day

New Comic Book Day
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Let’s discuss new or LttP (Late to the Party) comics here.

I was recently hospitalized and had the chance to read through Flashpoint.

Next to Blackest Night, I think this is one of my favorite series. It was a What If story… but it wasn’t What If. It was reality. I won’t give away any spoilers, but the heroes and villains you know were quite different in this world.

My only complaint is, and here is a MAJOR spoiler, how would The Flash going back in time and saving his mother change the flight path of Superman’s escape pod so that it lands in an area where he is confiscated by the government before the Kents can find him?

Other than that, this was a really cool story and actually seems to have ties to The Flash TV series currently airing.

UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread
UHF/VHF Are Still Viable!: The General Entertainment Discussion Thread

This isn’t the one where The Flash has precognition is it?



Also, I guess Flashpoint is a big part of the new Convergence storyline. I may have to pick those issues up.


Any opinion on Marvel blowing everything up and basically starting fresh?


[quote=“DarthSmurfX, post:3, topic:105”]

Thank god, because that shit is dumb as hell.


C’mon @MrBimble, Flash is DC, stay on topic!

So, any opinion on DC blowing everything up and basically starting fresh?

Because apparently DC sort of does…


Nothing about that says it has be to DC.


Since they are combining the Marvel Universe with the Ultimate Marvel Universe and bringing back old story lines… I’m cool with that. I’ll be curious to see how they handle their first Crisis. Speaking of that… I just got the Infinite Crisis collection. I’ll post my review of it after I complete it.


Here is some info to get you caught up if you plan to dive into Secret Wars.


I thought this was a good read for the part time comic book geeks (like myself).


Anybody else reading the Saga comic series by Brian Vaughan? Most of his stuff has been great, and this one is definitely awesome. Fiona Staples art is especially gorgeous. I wait until the trade paperbacks are out and then check them out from the library, so I’m not always current, but still loving it. He also did Deus Ex Machina (haven’t read), Y: The Last Man (read it, loved it, recommend it), and The Pride of Baghdad (pretty good).


I first read it that way, and I was like…whaaa?

Anyways, carry on.


Oh wait, I actually have read one of those you mentioned and I’ve only read like 5 graphic novels in my life!

It was great. A friend lent it to me when I told him I wanted to see what these graphic novels were all about. I got a membership to Marvel Unlimited or something after that, never really read anything, and canceled my subscription. End of story.


Yup. It’s pretty amazing. LYING CAT…


There are a couple of other series that I’ve been reading that are pretty great, as well. I can’t recall them all but like The Wicked + The Divine is awesome. Southern Bastards. Pretty Deadly I’ll have to look because I know there was another one that I was really into, like Saga, I just can’t think of it because I’ve been jumping around titles.


Since this thread was resurrected out of seemingly nowhere… I’m going to follow-up on the very first post. If you don’t want to read Flashpoint, it is available on Netflix. There are some story elements missing and it’s much, much shorter, but still a very good representation of the series in cartoon format.


Not to be confused with the great Canadian action/drama currently available on Hulu:

Yes, I used the words great and Canadian in the same sentence unironically. But it’s not a comic book, so I will stop now…but it’s great!


Flashpoint is dope. Watched it shortly after posting in this thread.


Before The Killing Joke, this is probably the one closest to an R-rating for the DC Animated films. Woman-beating*, hard-drinking Batman was awesome.

*I’m not condoning beating women, even cartoon ones.


Oh man, Saga is amazing. Come on, look at how cute this guy is:

If you all are fans of Star Wars, you’ll probably dig the story/setting. It’s sort of a very adult fantasy space opera sort of deal. Highly recommended.

I read quite a bit of comics/manga. A few (among many) recent ones I’ve liked among:

Punk Rock Jesus (Sean Murphy is my current fave comic artist)

Rat Queens

Sex Criminals