My Wallet Ran Away From Home - The Hype Train

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My Wallet Ran Away From Home - The Hype Train
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Yeah, I forgot to let y’all know. His other videos aren’t like that.


Is Threctory actually I HATE EVERYTHING defending himself?


It all makes sense now.


The similarities are striking…


My humor and wit are practically nonexistent.

Also I’m not British.



Speaking of angry white men, the timing of this article couldn’t have been better:


Grrr, angry Nolan North.


There aren’t many games on my radar yet, but my wallet should be scared with the VR options alone.


Thanks to @Rewfus, I’ve got $40 burning a hole in my virtual pocket. Do I buy Unravel and Firewatch or The Witness?

  • Unravel / Firewatch
  • The Witness

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I’ll let you know after I play Unravel and Firewatch…wait, I can’t afford either right now, crap!


I have yet to play either Unravel or Firewatch (I plan to play/own both at some point), but I’m so into The Witness right now that you cannot go wrong with that purchase. I’ve never had so much fun feeling like such an idiot for hours at a time interrupted with brief moments of genius.


Tough call. All three are completely different games. I say The Witness, only because of how well it’s been regarded and the other two just came out.


I’m only judging after Lassie plays them all and submits reviews.


Check back in about 3 years.



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@Rewfus Is there anyway to get the images to appear in the poll options as opposed to just links?


You have to put image tags around it and then select a size:

<img src="url" height="100"/>


Sweet. Thanks!


Which game should be thrown in the dumpster?


Uncharted 4. It will sit in the wrapper until I can pull myself away from The Division and Battlefront.