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Until the need arises, I figure mobile games don’t need separate topics. Giant Bomb also doesn’t have wiki entries for many mobile games, so it would be difficult to keep the format.

I’ll start this topic off with a game that isn’t out yet, but I’m excited for. Bandai Namco worked with Hipster Whale (Crossy Road ) to bring a new spin on Pac-Man based on the infamous level 256 glitch, appropriately named
#Pac-Man 256

Can’t tell too much about how well it will play from the trailer, but Pac-Man made from the Crossy Road team sounds like a match made in heaven to me.


You Must Build A Boat

This block-matching game is a follow-up to Luca Redwood's 10000000.

First Released

June 4, 2015


Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux


EightyEight Games



Find out more at Giant Bomb

I never played 10000000, but heard a lot about it. I just recently started playing this on iOS and am really digging it so far. A great, simple mix of match three and RPG, with plenty of charm to go around. Highly recommended.


Introducing Star Wars: Uprising, the first mobile game set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Developed by Kabam, in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm, Star Wars: Uprising will follow events set in the Anoat Sector, where Hoth and Cloud City are located, and will allow players to create characters, go on missions, build their gear and skills, and organize crews and factions to participate in wide-ranging battles.



Figured it was time to wipe the dust of this old clunker…

Pokémon Co-master, which is coming to Android and iOS this spring in Japan, pairs collectible Pokémon figurines and established Pokémon mechanics with a strategy board game in the vein of Japanese chess game shogi or Chinese board game Go. According to a press release, players won’t just battle CPU-controlled opponents, they’ll also receive cooperative help from the game’s artificial intelligence to aid them in battle.


Ooooo…might be into this.





I never really got in to YMBAB, but I can see the appeal. If you are a Starbucks patron either way, might as well get a good mobile game out of the deal.




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It looks like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, but with DC comics. I’m in.

Pre-register now for this:

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

For any CCG or Hearthstone fans out there, this is actually a pretty good game, so far, yet to be seen how quickly you hit a pay wall and if this turns in to play to win or not.

i’m not a big PvZ fan myself, but EA puts a lot of money and polish in to these games, so they are almost always well made, at the very least. Let me know if you end up checking it out. I am enjoying it so far.


The game will feature three different modes, each of which you can try out for free. But in order to get the complete experience you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $9.99.

$10 for a runner!?


It’s a Nintendo game. What were you expecting? I prefer that over a FTP model.


Well worth $10.



Pokemon Go



I have an Android personal phone and an iPhone work phone. Yesterday I was all “eh, I’ll wait until next year and buy it when it hits Android” but now today I’m