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Micro Machines World Series
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I don’t care what you guys say, this game deserves it’s own thread. I’ve been waiting for a true sequel to Micro Machines V3 for… oh boy… decades!!! I’m old.

One of Codemasters’ most fondly remembered series is returning, with Micro Machines World Series coming to Xbox One, PC and PS4 on April 21st.

The new game features familiar backdrops from the 1991 original, reimagined for the new hardware and complemented by new modes and a Battle Arena that comes complete with Capture the Flag and King of the Hill modes. Four player multiplayer will be supported on one system, while 12 players can compete online and there’ll be 12 vehicles to play with.


It looks like it might have some other licensed material in the game.





Players will take on a whole new way of racing in Micro Machines World Series. Not only will players be able to burn rubber across the Kitchen table in familiar 4 player ‘sofa style’ local races, but also enter into larger 12 player on-line races. So many players on one screen seriously increases the challenge, and all 12 vehicles jostling for position and hurtling toward each corner makes it even more perilous and exciting.

In addition to the code racing modes are the Battle Modes, which pit up to 12 players into the same arena for frantically competitive multiplayer games including Capture the Flag and Territory as well as 6v6 Team Deathmatch. All of these are set to the interactive backdrop of 15 battle arenas including The Laser Lab, Buzzsaw Battle and negotiating the Hungry Hungry Hippos board without being eaten.

Players can personalise their Battles with 12 new vehicles including the Spy Car, Hovercraft, Monster Truck or G.I. Joe H.I.S.S Tank, each with their own strengths and weapons. Players will set off trying to crush, smash and destroy opponents with numerous new weapons including the Dynamite Launcher, Tidal Wave, Cobra Turret and Nerf Blasters. Every vehicle also has a level of customisation with new skins, completely changing the original look. The inclusion of Emotes, Victory Poses and Grave Stamps also add to the camaraderie and bragging rights at the end of a match.


According to Robinson, Micro Machines World Series has emerged as a mix of traditional Micro Machines action and current game design philosophies.

“With Micro Machines World Series, it’s really a competitive, accessible, fun, multiplayer game; they’re the things that are really at the heart of the new game, but they’re really what were at the heart of all the previous games,” he says. “Historically it was always about playing with your mates. It was all about sitting in the same room and destroying each other, basically, but doing it in a fun way.”

The team confirms there will be 10 race tracks and 15 Battle Arenas (which support up to 12 players). Iconic environments will make an unsurprising return.

“It wouldn’t really be a Micro Machines game if you weren’t racing on the kitchen table, or on the pool table,” says Robinson. “But we wanted to bring in some new environments as well.”team showcase a pool table race and a deathmatch set in a backyard. The pool table is especially impressive – particularly the lighting, which convincingly seats both all the trackside objects and the toy cars in the world. It’s bright and bold and quite a bit more nuanced than the simple, cartoon-like world I’d expected. You won’t mistake it for an actual pool table but everything from the texture of the baize on the playing surface to the gleam of the polished balls has a more realistic edge to it. I like it a lot.

There will be 12 vehicles in Micro Machines World Series (an eclectic assortment featuring emergency vehicles, GI Joe vehicles, a dump truck, and ice cream truck, a spy car, and more).

“In previous games the cars were pretty much identical, whereas now we treat them almost like a cast of heroes,” explains Cooper. “So they’ve got their own abilities, their own loadouts and weapons and tricks that they can pull out of the bag. Those are complimentary, so I can pick something that’s got some nice support skills so I can help my mates out even if I’m not necessarily getting all the kills myself.”


And there we have it. The original gameplay has been restored. Elimination was my favorite mode back-in-the-day, so this solidifies a day 1 purchase for me.


Hoo boy. I haven’t been this disappointed in a game in a long, LONG time. And it’s not—entirely—the game’s fault. The problem is that there is NO single player mode. Which would be fine, because the real fun of MM games is the multiplayer. However… when NOBODY is online because NOBODY bought this game… [insert defeated sigh here].

When the game finds nobody to pit you against, it defaults to all AI competitors. And they don’t lose. They drive almost flawlessly and in a mode like Elimination, you aren’t alive long enough to figure out the driving mechanics, the map, the best path to take, NOTHING. I played several matches and found 2 people online. TWO!!! Races are almost no better, because after one mistake, you never see any of the AI racers again.

So, here are the major sins this game committed:

  1. No single player mode. No tournament, no circuit, no practice mode. NOTHING. They literally throw you to the wolves with no guidance.

  2. No difficulty settings for the AI. They are set to “Nightmare” and that’s what you race against.

  3. Too expensive. This game is about $10 too high, so nobody bought it. This would have been a PERFECT fit for PS+ the way Rocket League launched. This is an online-only game and you need competitors to make the game fun. Without human competitors, with actual flaws, this game is frustratingly bad and even the people that bought the game won’t be playing for much longer.

  4. No marketing. This game was delayed twice, and the latest delay was days before the launch, and nobody knew when it was coming or even that this game exists. So, with the $30 pricetag, even the people that would spend money on this might not even know this game was released. It was just sent out to die.

In order to save this game, Codemasters needs to get Sony on the line and sign up for a PS+ slot ASAP. Then microtransaction the crap out of new vehicles, decals, customization options, etc. Just not tracks, because that fragments an already minuscule player pool.


That sucks. I know you were looking forward to this one.


Okay, watching Bloodworth playing this shows me that there is hope to one day not suck.

I still wish more people were online playing. So this needs to go on sale or become a PS+ game.


I need to retract about 82% of all the negative things I typed in my last post.

I gave the game another shot—I spent $30 on it, of course I’m going to attempt to get my money’s worth—and it was a COMPLETELY different experience.

And no, Codemasters is not paying me to do damage control. Yet.

I played a race online—got trounced—but at least I was on the screen for longer than 3 seconds and was able to get the controls down a bit better. So, this is what Codemasters SHOULD have done—lock down Elimination mode until you hit a certain level.

I played Elimination mode almost immediately because that’s what I remember from the olden days and had the most fun with. It’s NOT fun when you have no idea what you’re doing and the computer is godlike. It was just a frustrating mess. So… [B]TIP #1: DO NOT PLAY ELIMINATION until you git gud.[/B]

I played a few more races and suddenly it hit me—use the brake for cornering. I was just letting up on the gas and still flying off the track. But the brake… it was literally game changing. I was now coming in the Top 5. So… [B]TIP #2: USE THE BRAKES![/B]

Then, I hit level 6 and Ranked opened up. Previously, you needed to hit level 10 to get into Ranked, so they must’ve patched this so that Ranked wouldn’t be a ghost town. I went into Ranked and… there were actual people in there playing. Every match wasn’t against 10 AI cars! In fact, I actually got into a match where there were only 4 AI cars out of 12… and it was a blast! So… [B]TIP #3: Stick it out until level 6 and you can get into Ranked. That’s where the fun is![/B]

In conclusion, this game is nowhere near as bad as I initially ranted about. It’s actually quite enjoyable now. Two things that need to happen yet, Codemasters, if you ever read this:

  1. Put it on sale. $20 would be perfect for the content you get. Or get that sweet, sweet, PS+ deal going.

  2. Take notes from Rocket League for the post match screen. If I’m in a room with 4 people and I want to continue into the next race with those 4 people, please let me do that. So, offer up some type of button prompt that states you’d like to continue with this group. And then the entire group that checked YES moves into the next race and allows for more stragglers to join up. Eventually, you could have a full lobby of players moving from race to race and that’s what this game desperately needs.

  3. Bring back the originals as DLC:

    Walter was my man back-in-the-day. He had the best lines.


I’m guessing you copied and pasted your Reddit post, which I whole heartedly endorse, just couldn’t help but laugh when I read that. Thanks for the updated impressions. Still doubt I will ever play this unless it goes ps+, but who knows.


Copied from NeoGAF, so close enough.


Ahh yeah, that’s what I meant. I can’t keep up with those inferior boards.