Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda
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“If you like Mass Effect you’ll like this game—it just doesn’t always feel like Mass Effect … it feels like a lower budget.” -Greg Miller


Similarly, Jeff and Brad from GiantBomb made the comparison of ME:A being like a straight-to-DVD spin-off/sequel during their Quick Look.


Kinda Funny compared it to Arkham Origins versus the rest of the Arkham games. I never played Origins, so I don’t know how to react to that comparison.


Return that shit like an old man returning soup at a deli.


I must know, what is zipper going to do with this game?


Use it as a coaster. Along with this and Wildlands he’ll be able to two fist his beers, eh.


I’m actually enjoying Wildlands quite a bit athanku Mr. ex-Ghost Recon’r Jango.

And Rewfus, I still plan to get Andromeda but not right away because I want to finish a couple other games first. Hopefully there’s even a price drop in there somewhere.


Against my better judgement I have broken the shrink wrap and it is installing now.



I spent 2.5 minutes making my character look as close to Chris Pratt as I could and I am going to pretend I’m playing a Guardians prequel, with purposely poor writing.

EDIT: So yeah, my laziness left me with less of a Chris Pratt, and more of a Chris O’Dowd

Oh well, I actually think it’s for the better with type of comedy I’m expecting.


After watching KF’s video, I’m back to being more excited about playing the game eventually. Although, my expectations are now lowered knowing how bad the facial animations are. And EZA said the combat and loyalty missions are great, which is what I’m looking forward to.

As long as this is not Halo 4 bad (a new studio driving a great franchise into the ground after an amazing trilogy) I’ll be happy.


Drake, Chris O’Dowd. It’s the new tomatoe, tomato.


Yeah, the fact that the facial hair is simply a texture on your face, the choices are pretty limited.



I bought Mass Effect Andromeda. I’m what’s wrong with the gaming world. Did the EA Access and it ended right when I was in the middle of a kickass firefight.



Patches can’t fix a weak story and characters.


I thought the biggest complaint was the animations?


That’s the loudest complaint because you can make gifs out of them, it’s not the biggest complaint. Story sucks.


That’s the biggest complaint from people that haven’t actually played the game.