Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda
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So, who is getting, and who actually has time to play this next week?


I’ll be doing the 10 hour demo via Origin Access, but I still have no idea if I’m picking the game up or not. I’ve been very 50/50 on everything they’ve shown off so far.


I’ll get it eventually when I’m done with Zelda, which is taking extra long because I am having trouble stealing it from Kristen.

buys another Switch and another copy of Zelda


I’ll be getting it for sure. I absolutely loved the original trilogy and I’m excited for the new hawtness.

I may wait just a little bit because I recently got Ghost Recon and Halo Wars 2, which should keep me quite busy for the next white, but I’m getting it 100%.


I’m 98.7% getting this, but I have to finish Horizon first. So… who knows when I’ll actually begin playing this.


Have a read of this article before you decide on purchasing it day 1:


RPS has some great articles and reviews, but my advice is to ignore anything from John Walker; dude’s a complete contrarian. He personally thinks the ending to Mass Effect 3 was a “splendid way to end the series” and that playing the Witcher 3 was “like eating cardboard” among a multitude of other hyperbolic and confusing reviews and opinions.

Dude writes like a he’s a high school sophmore writing a long-winded YouTube comment.

I can’t even imagine how anyone can feel okay with writing that into a script without experiencing enough shame to just get up, walk away, and keep walking until they fall off of or into something.

“I don’t like how someone wrote this thing, so they should just die.”

Here’s a preview from the complete opposite side of the spectrum, for some balance.


But what does Polygon say?



I have finally pre-ordered this and have made the decision to play this over Zelda. Yes, shun me as you will, I have this idealistic notion that a Switch will somehow fall in my lap in the near future where I may be able to play Zelda there instead, but until then, to the mass I will effect!


I’m just going to wait to see if anyone hates this.


Bruh, like half the internet already hates it.


I meant if anyone on this forum hates it. The rest of the internet heathens do not concern me!


I would be careful. There are plenty of internet heathens here that have questionable opinions…

Some early game footage that I’m sure you’ve seen elsewhere, but after watching the GB crew play this, I definitely have my reservations, especially right after playing Horizon that had AMAZING voice acting. Questionable facial animations, but the voice acting and writing made up for it.


Dat Ash.



My internet opinions are beyond reproach athanku!